would ya believe what’s in my garden

The little bunny belongs to dmil. Our neighbor who lives just to the right duded him out for Christmas. Isn’t he sweet? For Easter he’ll get a new bow and through the year there are costume changes. The only time of year he spends indoors is halloween.

Sitting in front of the bunny is the gazinnia flowers. My husband gets these for me every year. They are almost as cool as pansies. Gazinnias are like sunflowers in that they are heliotropes, they follow the sun through out the day. Bright and fun too.
Then my pansies are still blooming even though we’ve had a couple of good freezes in the last few weeks. Can you imagine my surprise when I went out side and saw this little guy peeking out? I had to get the camera out!!!

We’ve had rain on & off today and I like how the rain plays on the rose bush and the dogwood. It’s not quite as clear as I would like, however I think you can see the drips on the stems.

You might be able to tell I’m enjoying my new camera. Learning how to use it is half the fun. I do have some pictures of basting the “Baby Crackers” Quilt. I’ll post those tomorrow.

Happy Quilting!

Whoops! I forgot that the begonia is here as well. My dh has taken care of this begonia for over 15 years. There are cuttings all over the place. The plant has to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 years old, maybe more, we’re not quite sure. The original stem was woody when we inherited it. Dh put something around the spot near where it starts curving to try and prevent it from snapping. We actually thought it did until dh looked at it closely and realized the plant started growing this way, adapting to the changes! It loves this window and the light it gets.

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