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Coffee, Fabric & Career Color Test

Writing this blog as I have my morning coffee…it’s one of my favorite beverages!

Northcott has a great fabric line called Stonehedge it’s a great line.  I used this lovely orange in the bargello piece I made for the class that starts this week.  We’ve had a few more come in over the last couple of days that nearly make me want to leave my paycheck in the shop and take it all home.  Oh, it’s quite inspiring.

I brought this bright blue home with me last night and think I’m going to add this and several other fat quarters I have in to the mix with the NY Beauty quilt I have planned.  I love the texture and color in these fabrics – the color range is fantastic.  We’ve had quite a bit in the shop and looking at Northcotts site there’s a whole lot more.  I think I need a bib!

They have purple & orange – two of my very favorite colors.  

This morning as I perused blogs through Google Reader I stopped by How About Orange.  Jessica is a crafter who’s favorite color is orange!  A gal after my own heart.

As an aside I was chatting with another quilter about going to Lancaster for the Quilters Heritage Celebration and sharing with her how every year I went it rained.

The first year I went with the Pelham Quilters as we passed by The Old Country Store the window display happened to be Moda Marbles by Patrick Lose.  Both Renee and I had to head right over.

Back to Jessica’s blog – this morning when I visited she had this link on her site: Career Color Test so being the curious sort I went to check it out.  I was a bit surprised by the first result “Best Occupational Category” – CREATOR – they give a list of occupations that work into this category and quilter fits this listing.

The “2nd Best Occuptional Category” is ORGANIZER – well usually.  I’ve been a bit scattered for a while and my sewing room reflects that.  Oh well.

Happy Quilting!


5 thoughts on “Coffee, Fabric & Career Color Test”

  1. I love StoneHenge! I have bought some of it and used in a paper piecing project! It has the most fantastic colors!

  2. I just bought some at Quilter’s Dream this week, in the orange and purple. Loved it last week when I saw it, but realized that was what you were posting about when I saw it again.

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