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In my Hobbit Hole aka studio

I’m on a deadline to get “Moon Over Manhattan” complete and the paperwork off to Quilt National.  This quilt is still quite vocal and I’m enjoying the process of quilting.  There are colors on the quilt that I never intended however they work and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well they work.

Sometime next week I’ll have a quilt on either the Rit Dye blog or the Rit Dye site.  As soon as it’s posted I’ll link over to it.  As it happens one of the teachers I know works with/for Rit Dye and I’m working with her on a series of projects.

Linda M Poole is having a contest with one of her new fabric lines.  The details are on her blog.

Linda’s fabric line is quite charming and if you need any we have some of it at Hartsdale in the quilt shop.  I’ve also designed a quilt with this that I’m hoping to get published.  If time permits over the next couple of weeks I’ll submit a quilt too.  There’s still plenty of time to enter the contest.  The quilt does not need to be quilted to be submitted, just a photo of a pieced quilt top with Linda’s fabric line.

Have a quilty day!


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