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quilting for Sarah Vedeler - recently published in Fons & Porter

Last summer I took a business related class with Mary Kerr at the quilt show in Maine.  As a result I quilted for her and I’m beginning to listen to her advice about promoting what I do as a quilter.

I am a quilter for hire.  Have been for quite a long time, however I’ve been a bit shy about sharing what I do for my customers.  2011, as I’ve hinted is bringing about new opportunities that I’ve been working on for a while including adding a page on the blog with a basic price list for the services I offer as a quilter.  Generally, I use Superior Threads & Aurifil if there is some other thread you’d enjoy please let me know.

I’m also available to lecture and teach.  My focus is teaching machine quilting and how to improve skill as a machine quilter.  After spending time as a machine quilting instructor over the last few years, I love this!  I’d love to come teach at your guild or shop.  Please feel free to contact me @

Happy New Year & Happy Quilting!


6 thoughts on “Quilting”

  1. I heard a guild member say in a condescending tone that Ricky Tims was shamelessly self-promoting. Well, how else does one get the word out about themself? You do fantastic work and should to proud to offer your services!!


  2. Good for you Teri .. I hope 2011 is a fabulous year of new opportunities for you. Let me know if you want to be a guest blogger on my site, I’d love to have you.


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