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Lancaster 2011


I enjoyed seeing “Moon Over Manhattan” hanging in the AQS Lancaster quilt show.    Just getting in is still exciting to me.

I have pics of 3 quilts in the show.  Mine, Sally Bramald and Carol Moellers.

Sally’s quilt is a whole cloth also.  She very effectively used blue thread to outline these amazing feathers.  The quilt looks a little weirdly hung in the photo but it was hanging straight.  If you haven’t visited Sally’s blog head over and check out more of her beautiful work.






This beautiful kaliedoscope is the work of Carol Moellers and Tim Juhl.  I love the use of color and the quilting in this.  I didn’t get a closeup shot of the quilting.

I spent a lot of time talking.  I met Heidi Kaisand and chatted with her for a bit.  I love her reading about her little ones as they grow.  Her quilts are fun too.  Heidi has an online shop and writes patterns.

While at the APQS booth I had a few minutes with Angela.  We’ve been internet friends for years, since the old Alex Anderson message board.  Since she’s now a rep for APQS I’ve been able to meet her in person a few times.  She gets to come over for show and tell with a group of quilters who meet up at the show for a good part of the week for quilting, dining and shopping.  Oh yes they do shop.  Friday night we had show & tell, it’s always amazing to me to see what the quilters bring with them.  Their work is amazing and my camera was in the room!  UGH!

I finally purchased the black latch bobbin case for my machine.  As usual there is a story behind this purchase which involves the sewing room vortex and a temporarily misplaced bobbin case for one of my machines.  I think it bounced underneath a piece of furniture I have in there and will find it later on this spring when I move the whole room around.

I asked for it Friday afternoon at the Bernina booth.  The Zimmermans from Hinkletown Sewing brought it Saturday and carefully guarded the bobbin case until I returned.  THANK YOU!!!  I had the delightful surprise of seeing Jeanne Delpit, the National Education Director for Bernina, the gal who gave me a few tips for using the Bernina Stitch Regulator when I was in Cleveland to tape for Quilting Arts TV.  Turns out we both share that story when talking to other quilters!

I, finally, completed a project that I started for Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero after the show last year.  Jeanie & Ramon have beautiful ornaments at the booth made using the Kaleidoscope software.  I used some wonder under and lutradur to complete the project and recommended a heavier weight fusible adhesive with a product more like timtex…can’t wait to see what she develops!

More later!


7 thoughts on “Lancaster 2011”

  1. Thanks for posting the pictures. I’d love to see your quilt in person someday, and as always I’m blown away by what Sally does.

    1. It was great to hug on you too. I’m glad you got to see the quilt – though would have loved for you to be busier. You’re a delightful rep.

  2. So enjoyed seeing your quilt in person, very happy for you. Thanks for sharing the other pictures, I also have Carol’s in my camera. Thanks again.

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