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More PA Quilt Show

The beautiful gal with me is Angela Huffman of Quilted Joy.  Angela & I have been on-line friends since Alex Anderson had her message board oh so many years ago.  Angela is a rep for APQS and is traveling to shows for them.  She just mentioned the other day that she’ll be going to Houston for the first time this year and it’ll be as a rep!  Yay! Angela.  Angela was in Knoxville in July at the AQS show but I barely had time to wave to her.  She was on the show floor and the couple of times I had a moment to say hi she was busy.  I did get to introduce her to Paula Reid tho!


As you know I’ve fallen in love with silk.  Silk fabric, silk thread, silk batting it’s all good!  I love the feel of the different weights of silk cloth, the fineness of silk thread and the drape of silk batting.  When I saw Ingrid Poweski’s “Echo Quilt” I loved it!  The colors and texture just drew me in.

Ingrid Poweski Echo Quilt

I could look at this for days.

As I mentioned in Monday’s blog I purchased silk from Golden Threads Silks.  It’s hand woven and dyed in Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos.  These are lovely, have a beautiful hand and I can hardly wait to get stitching.  I’ll batt these with silk batting and most likely a cotton back.  Both the pink & purple are 2 color, the purple has a slight pink undertone depending on the light and the pink is a bit more orange with pink.

I also picked up some more of the Superior Threads titanium coated needles.   I do like these needles, they seem to last longer than other needles I’ve used.

Happy Quilting!


2 thoughts on “More PA Quilt Show”

  1. Hey, I know Angela too! Of course, met her (and you too) through the old AAMB, right? Angela sold me my longarm and we’ve shared some fun RiM retreats. She’s a real sweetie!


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