A thought on a readers comment. :-)

When I read a comment from a reader the other day I had to laugh in agreement.  Controlled is a very good descriptor for me.  I couldn’t argue that with anyone.  I think that’s why I love machine quilting so much, its quite freeing.

And I love machine quilting so much because it’s quite controlled and I can control what goes where.

I love giving into Serendipity too.  As I’ve started working on smaller pieces it’s a little easier for me to be a bit more random in how I work changing color & pattern in the stitch design as I’m moved.

I’m working on growing out of that deep sense of control to a sense of freely chosen abandonment.  I gotta say it’s hard work relaxing into the process.  Right now this is a conscious decision soon it’ll be rote.

Just as I tell my students to relax, breathe, have good body posture, listen to their machines at first its very very difficult and then there is a moment, that sometimes I get to see, where a student relaxes into the process and they just quilt.

Relaxing into the process is one of the reasons I’ve taken up some form of drawing and zentangling.  Both of these processes allow me to enter into the machine quilting process a bit more relaxed.  Check out Jane Monk’s blog for a bit more on zentangling and a fresh perspective on drawing, doodling and zentangling.

While my sewing studio is currently what I call a creative wreck, I am searching for order in there.  Order in the sewing studio will bring on greater creativity, at least I think it will, I hope it will.

One of the gifts of doing this major clean is that I’ve located fabric I knew I had and couldn’t put my hands on, stuff that I’ve wanted to work with for a while.  Once I’m a bit more ordered I’ll take pics and show what’s going on in there.


If you have a moment check out Kaleidoscope Collections new Feathers Template Mini-Pack.  I just quilted a quilt for Jeanie made from this and I’d stay hands-down this is one of the best ways to learn the rhythm of stitching out feathers!

Happy Quilting!


4 thoughts on “A thought on a readers comment. :-)”

  1. Teri,
    Mike and I met Jeannie in Houston; she praised you and your quilting to the nth degree! When I told her we were friends, she was so open and helpful with all our questions. Mike wanted to buy KK but we have so much on our plate right now with the Accuquilt. We will get it as soon as our schedule and brains allow.
    I never learned how to machine quilt on my domestic machine; I wonder if it would help my freehand on the longarm. Hmm…

  2. Ann, reminded me in a comment she posted on my blog to slow down, relax my shoulders and listen to Teri’s voice in the background….I’m listening my friend. Thank you!!
    And I did what you also said about listening to my machine. It has made all the difference…You’re an amazing teacher and I’m so happy to be your student.

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