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Architectural Challenge!

I’ve mentioned here and here that I love the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.   I’ve become enamored of John Warren Ritch, the architect of Wilderstein.  The older the architecture the more interesting I find it.

And then there is a love of ornate wrought iron.

In both I see such quilterly possibilities in both.  I’ve found a kindred spirit in Betty Jo.  Check out her blog on her whole cloth architectural quilt.

So what are a couple of quilters and bloggers going to do?  Challenge each other and invite you, our friends and readers to join us in this archtectural challenge.

Here’s the plan:

Just for fun: Architectural Quilt Off!

Have you often been inspired by beautiful architecture or architectural elements you see in the world, on the floors of some large building, or pictures from history? If the answer is, “yes” then please join Betty Jo Tatum and Teri Lucas in an architectural quilt-off!

No prizes will be awarded, this is just for fun!

Here are the guidelines:

  • Design and create a small wall art quilts around 25” x 40” or 40” x 25” (no smaller) and does not have to have 90 degree corners and straight edges, but must be approximately that size
  • Must be a completely original design
  • Can be pieced, appliquéd, painted, or whole cloth
  • Must be machine quilted by the originator(s)
  • The deadline is April 10th 2013.
  • Make the entire quilt on your own or pair with a friend for even more fun
  • Share your adventure in making this quilt and show your quilt somewhere on The Quilt Show
  • Please consider entering your quilt into the special exhibit at Houston International Quilt Festival in 2013. Here’s the link for the 2012 show (entry is now closed for 2012):

This is a great time to stretch, use new fabrics, thread and batting.  Wool and silk will really show off the stitching and help give dimension to the architecture.  I’ll be doing some blogging along the way, particularly as I sketch ideas, though it won’t be until after the 1st of the year that I get to work on the actual quilt.


Happy Quilting!


8 thoughts on “Architectural Challenge!”

  1. Oh my, do I love a challenge! there is an element on a local building (newly added) that I admire every time I pass! I think I will take you up!!!!

  2. Perfect timing! I just spoke to my niece about making a wall quilt for her. She had sent me a postcard from Prague and I fell in love with the beauty of this town. Maybe this is more of a landscape quilt, but quilting a mass of buildings and a bridge says architecture to me.

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