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AQS Lancaster part 2

I really like to see how quilters and artists interpret things.

Julia GraberEzekiels Wheel
Julia Graber
Ezekiels Wheel

My first impression of the quilt on the left is that of a dart board.  But no, this is not a dart board, it’s Ezekiels Wheel.  It’s beautiful.  I love how Julia “robbed Peter to pay Paul” to create the wheel.   The colors are actually much clearer.

Meet me at GiverneyMargaret Solomon Gunn
Meet me at Giverney
Margaret Solomon Gunn

Meet me at Giverney was pieced & quilted by Margaret Solomon Gunn.  I was on the hunt for the quilt that won First Place in it’s category and found this one first.  It took a little while longer to find Rainbow Nouveau to get a photo of that.

Rainbow NouveauMargaret Solomon Gunn
Rainbow Nouveau
Margaret Solomon Gunn

Margaret has mad quilterly skills and Rainbow Nouveau  just rocks and the Blue Ribbon is well deserved.

Mermaid Mariah and her Circle of SoulsDonna Chambers
Mermaid Mariah and her Circle of Souls
Donna Chambers

Donna is a friend, coworker and student.   I’ve been privileged to see this quilt  progress over the last year or so.  I’m in awe of Donna’s artistry.  Donna also teaches at Hartsdale.   I can hardly wait to see what Donna’s creative mine comes up with next.

Speaking of Hartsdale, there’s a small opening of time to sign up for Let Your Foot Loose be Fancy & Free on Friday April 5th.  I love teaching this class and working with quilters on developing skill.

Happy quilting!


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