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Rules for quilting

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I am working on new handouts for the Beginner Free Motion Machine Quilting class.  I always include the Thread Reference Guide and Tension diagram from Superior.  These are great guides and why try to reinvent the wheel?  When I write the book I’ll have to reinvent this…and I have an evil plan. Mwahahaha
I added “quick quilting facts” a couple of years ago as a reminder the students can post near their sewing machines.  I’m on a quest to improve what I do and how I teach so I thought up a list of quilting rules.



Here they are:

1) It’s your quilt, it’s your rules

2)  Have fun

3) You can do this!

4) Breathe, blink and relax

5) Your seam ripper is your friend and All Quilters use them

6) Don’t worry about what other quilters think

7) Don’t point out the “flaws” in your quilt

8) Learn from any teacher – we’re not all right and we’re not all wrong

9) Try new things – it’s good for your quilts


My friend Neen taught me “Your quilt, your rules”  and this to me is the most important rule in quilting.  Ever.  Seriously.  No other rule matters to me as much as this rule. Why?  This frees us all to pursue quilt making in a way that makes us happy.  And that takes us right to rule 10) Be Happy – be happy with your quilting making where ever you are right at this moment.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t some kind of learning curve/difficulty/challenge going on, but be happy where you are as this allow you to be open to the surprises of quilting.

You may noticed I skipped a lot of “rules”.  Because basically it boils down to those two.  Quilt how you want and be happy.

Happy Quilting!



11 thoughts on “Rules for quilting”

  1. At the workshop/demo I did last Saturday, I stressed that very same thing. The first time I stated “Your quilt; your rules” I could tell that it really hadn’t sunk in so I repeated it a bit more slowly. The “wheels” began to turn. I could see it! And then the sharing began!!!! Excellent. There are a few more happy, relaxed and excited quilters now then there were before the “revelation”. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!! “Light bulb moments” are so wonderful to experience!!!!


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