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coffee mugsOne might think I have a love affair with coffee, and one would be right. I love me some good coffee from grinding the beans to sipping slowly as I wake up. A few weeks ago I had to leave the house pre-coffee and stopped at Starbucks on my way home. They had something unusual that caught my attention. Instead of the usual big batch brew this was ground fresh and hot water poured over the grounds, so worth the wait. Must get back to a Starbucks. Oooo Monday morning on my way to work.

I’ve shared before of early morning coffee mishaps as evidenced the links above. Well. I’ve never had this happen before.

rock in burr grinderDo you see this?
There is a rock in the burr grinder. It brought all coffee happiness to a grinding halt. And by halt I mean the burr grinder ceased to function.
Now when this happened I stopped, dumped the beans in the hopper into a bowl, and stared incredulously at the rock. I mean, what else does one do when this sort of thing happens? I then proceeded to look high and low for the other coffee grinder we have. I even took out the ladder to look on the shelf over the cabinet, knocking my head on the light fixture as I turned to look on the other cabinet. Geeeesh!
I looked in the cabinet under the microwave stand. I looked where we keep odd things. Nope.
When my sweetie made his way downstairs I asked him to come into the kitchen. He saved the day! He knew the location of the other grinder. Yay! The burr grinder may be done for, not quite sure yet. But, we have coffee.

Mmmmm Coffee.bad ass coffee mug

And later this morning this mug will be filled with coffee and brought up to the sewing room.


Clamshell Quilt Guild Visit

Wednesday I drove to Waterford CT to visit with the Clamshell Quilt Guild. What a great group of quilters. I knew a few from facebook and one I’d met in person years ago. We’d been friends on the old Alex Anderson Message Board years ago. This evening they selected their new board, had quite a number of charity quilts shown during show & tell and an all around good time. Class on Thursday started on the sidewalk. The gal who was supposed to open the space forgot that we were there (these things happen, not complaining at all). Whoops! So, we moved from the main entrance to a couple of benches and the sidewalk. Kim and Karyn held up my Joen Wolfrom color-wheel poster while I talked about color basics. By the time I got to the end of needle and thread pairings we were let in to the space.
I had some really great students who really embraced the Go With the Flow of it all. For several of the students, their needs were a bit different so I had them do a little something else.
And I learned from my students, and for that I’m grateful. One of the best things about driving to a guild gig is being able to bring my machine, in the car went my B 780. Not only did I demo on the machine I had one of the quilters stitch on it for the class. One of the neatest things…one of the gals needed some help with her machine, an older Husky. This was so cool, is a left threaded machine! I showed her how to lower the feed dogs (it’s in an unusual spot) and to thread it up the correct way and got her started.

Tuesday I’m headed to Warwick Valley Quilters Guild.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. There’s no life before coffee!!!! End of discussion. My burr grinder is my dearest friend! Your experience serves as a “wake up call ” for me to get a backup grinder!!!!!!

  2. I agree about coffee. Don’t ever try to take my coffee away. I dont care how old I get, or what the doctor says. I need my coffee in the morning. On another note. Warwick Valley Quilt Guild is my former guild. I miss that group of talented ladies. I looked on their website and saw many familiar names are still members. Enjoy.

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