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Heading to Hamilton

quill valori wells twisted stackTomorrow morning I head to Hamilton, MO for a staff retreat with Missouri Star Quilt Co. It’ll be fun to meet people, in person, I’ve been working working with for a few months. I’m just as excited to meet this crew as I was to meet the GenQ crew for the first time. As much as I love working from right here in NY there is something amazing about meeting people in real life.
The cool thing about the quilting community is that, while the on-line community is active and vibrant it’s my opinion that quilters will always find a way to gather and be physically present with one another. We will always have new quilters, always have very experienced quilters, and the entire range in between. The twain meets and offers support and encouragement to one another. The new quilters bring a breath of fresh air and an opportunity for an old quilter like me (and I mean in terms of experience here, rather than age) to nurture, support and teach. It’s a beautiful cycle.
I’m looking forward to this trip for oh so many reasons. Most importantly getting together with the quilting community.

Happy Quilting!


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