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BERNINA Ambassadors: Telling our Stories

Brand Ambassador BadgeJust a few moments ago the last stitches on 3 quilts that were made over the last several weeks. These needed to be finished in time for Lancaster and I made it. Whew. It’s now nearly 1:30 in the morning, as happens I’m now wide awake, and need to get up early to get these to FedEx and ship them off. Honestly there is a sense of gratitude, and euphoria at the moment. These will repeat, when I know the quilts get to SewBatik on time.

This is the life I love. Finishing quilts, having a story to go with each one. Some stories that I’ll happily tell you, some that are for me alone. That’s the way it should be. Adding to the story of the quilting, the quilt making are the stories of working in the quilt world, there are some I’ll happily share with you, some not so much. I love the Quilt Life, I love being part of Generation Q, living and breathing quilting. I can’t imagine doing anything else. Even though I got sick while I was in Savannah I would go back again, put in the long days and spend time with some wildly cool people, and several people I admire so very much that disappointing them would break my heart. I would happily attend VDTA and get this video of Tracy Mooney, Cheryl Sleboda and Toni Smith speaking on Cosplay.

jeanne cook bernina educatorAnd with all of that I get to be a BERNINA Brand Ambassador. This was one of my long term goals in the quilting world, and gratefully I achieved that. It’s not simply about quality, or “being the best” or so many other things. I have loved my BERNINA 1080 since the day I got it. I loved it so much I have two of them. Working in two dealerships, and spending time at the Ambassador Retreats has taught me a lot about the machines, giving me information for customers and students. That is priceless. I totally geek out about the machines. I still have so much to learn.

Being an Ambassador is more about the people I get to meet. So, each day next week, March 20 – 24, a total of seventeen BERNINA Ambassadors are sharing their stories, and experiences. Each Ambassador brings a skill set, unique techniques, a style all their own to the party that is the quilting, and sewing world. While most featured this week are quilters some Ambassadors are garment makers or home decorating sewers. Each of us make, teach, write, compete, mentor, all work toward growing and sharing the thing we love the most: our specific work from piecing, to quilt making, making garments, and more. I am wont to wax poetic of the talents and merits of each of the Ambassadors. However, each one will share her story. There is one bit of news that Lori Kennedy has a wee bit of something new Free-Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3 61 Designs to Finish Your Quilts With Flair published by Martingale.

You already know that I love to teach. That’s no surprise. Did you know that I come up with ideas for quilts that may, or may not ever get made. Pink Champagne on Ice, and It’s all About Meeeeeeeeeee, I have the fabric one that’s getting me all giddy about quilting. Surprising no one it’s orange.

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The Moon is Made of Cheese, Cheddar Cheese.

The moon is my muse. She reflects the light of the sun, she holds sway over the tides, she shows us her dark side, and she shines brightly. She has character and depth in her craters. She gives freely. She captures the imagination. She woos with her waxing and waning.

Words too, are a muse, playing with them, writing them, sharing them. Quilts and words, words and quilts, quilts with words. I’m inspired by friends, and students, and color. The words, colors, and quilts tell the story.

That’s what quilting is for me, it’s life, and sharing this, it’s sharing the bright shining stars in the quilting world who I get to spend time with and learn from.

Please take a moment and visit the Ambassadors. If you’re a shop, show coordinator, or guild program chair, please know that each one of us is available to teach.

Monday March 20
Lynn Carson Harris
Kelly Ashton
Diane Doran
Melody Crust

Tuesday March 21
Kathy Delaney
Christa Watson
Mandy Leins

Wednesday March 22
Sandy Fitzpatrick
Beth Ferrier
Cheryl Sleboda

Thursday March 23
Annie Smith
Lori Kennedy
Kari Carr
Catherine Redford

Friday March 24
Joann Sharpe
Cherry Guidry
Jenelle Montilone


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  1. I am here from Lori Kennedy’s blog. Her new book, blog and Craftsy classes are so helpful in learning to free motion quilt. The more I can learn the better and reading about the ambassadors will be fun and an inspiration. Thank you for starting this blog hop!

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