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Oh Color Me Happy

Way back when, not so very long ago, in something that seems a whole other lifetime ago I started making an artistic color wheel. It all started when I was writing a book on how I use color, then life got in the way, the wind got knocked out of my sails, the book got set aside, as did the quilt. As the Great Tidy up of 2017 continues I “found” this quilt and knew that this has! to be the bones for the quilt for Brain Dump: Stitch the Scary Stuff in Your Brain.

Version number one will look something like this, we’ll take the time to fill the sections with quilting motifs in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet (purples.) This is a class sample, and a way of looking at color, so as the teacher I don’t expect this to be complete in class*.

2017-12-18 (6)

We’re going to make this on a 24” square, give or take, with the sections being small providing enough space to stitch out quilting motifs. The center colors are black, white, and gray. I’ll explain that in class. There is an option: one color in each section of the wheel with a few motifs in each section.

* the goal is to try new motifs, and thread rather than finishing a project. 

Harris color wheel

2017-12-18 (8)Version two will have more of an artistic look with curvy lines radiating from the center out. We’ll take this a bit further and radiate the colors out from the center, so placement is a bit more key here. Option wise the color can be all the same shade or tone, in each section or it can be multiple shades/tones in the same color.

I started working on a sample  yesterday and have plans to finish the artsy color wheel before the class.


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Oops that’s not it.

Watch Instagram for some progress along the way.

Happy Quilting!


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