Winter Weather

Utah but reps TX well

Now and again during the winter I’d post photos of wintry weather. When I was home and not going anywhere it wasn’t a big deal. Crank up the heat, make a pot of soup, make hot chocolate and head to the sewing room. And then there was the Best Hot Chocolate I ever made.

Here in TX though this wintry arctic blast is very different. We’re experiencing rolling blackouts lasting for hours at a time. Right now it’s on, I’m warm enough and grateful. This is a highly unusual weather experience for us so it’s putting a strain on everything from utilities to keeping our homes warm. I’m still concerned about one of the pipes freezing, but have zero control about it. Running water when and how I can is my best bet.

On Sunday evening my husband drove over to work to make sure the Sisters had I have not left the house since last week and probably won’t until the weekend. As a direct result of this I haven’t gone to the post office yet so I’m extending the Free Shipping on the Batt Scooters and Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting through Tuesday February 23rd. My gratitude to those who’ve ordered already!

Happy Quilting

PS until I know we’re out of this current weather pattern there’s no quilting on the Moxie or in the sewing room in general. Our home is well insulated but the rolling power outages are hard on machines. I appreciate your patience and understanding.

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