I’m right on time for the next post

I love it when there are posts in drafts. Ones that make me go huh? when I start writing. Like, what on earth was I thinking about.

Well, here’s what I’m thinking about today

  1. sometimes when all the thread goes kaflooie it’s time to put the sewing room in time out
  2. the sewing room is in time out
  3. the sewing room doesn’t deserve to be in time out because
  4. I’m the problem
  5. so here are your top five tips for when things go kaflooie
  6. One put the sewing room in time out
  7. Change the needle, thread, get out the brush and oil, and clean out the machine
  8. find the iced tea glass you put down somewhere, you know that place you’d remember
  9. write a newsletter or a faith blog
  10. go back to sewing/quilting
  11. collect fabric or thread

Also, even though it’s delightfully warm outside my hands are cold, which is wildly weird because I don’t get cold hands. My hands are usually HOT

Have a good weekend!

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