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A Week in Review

Sunday found the hammock and enjoyed the warmth and kiss of the sun. . . for 30 minutes because it was H O T!

Monday gathered all of the laundry and changed the sheets; found just the right suitcases for the trip to Nebraska for the Heartland Quilt Guild and LORI BAKER!

Tuesday finished packing all the quilts and books and Batt Scooters and books and thread and snips for the trip to NE. Went to bed early because getting up at 2 AM. Whoosh.

Wednesday got up at 2 AM. Coffee – check. Suitcases in car. Check. Get to airport early to fly to Omaha. I planned on getting to the airport early enough to get through the TSA line and get breakfast. Brisket tacos if you must know. Because tacos for breakfast is sublime. Arrived in Omaha and found Lori easily. We hugged, loaded the suitcases in the car and headed west finding, wait for it, a taco place for lunch. I braved the Ghost pepper pulled pork. Because it was slow roasted over time there was a depth of flavor and some good heat but not so much that it was uncomfortable. Shortly after arriving at Lori’s we recorded a podcast with Tracy Mooney and Ginger Sheey-Tatic for Quilt & Tell. We had such a good time together! I can hardly wait to share this with you. (Here’s a link to my first episode)

Lori stitches clamshells on her Handi Quilter Avante

Thursday Lori and I spent the day quilting on her longarm and her domestic. We loaded up fabric on her longarm, I quilted for a bit, then she quilted, and then I quilted, Lori quilted. Then we advanced the quilt and changed the thread and the longarm decided to hiccup, which turned out to be perfect timing because we needed to get ready to go see Sew Unique, the owner Shar is also the program chair, have dinner and go to the presentation.

Friday we arrived at the town hall in Maxwell NE for class. We talked Needles, Thread & Tension and worked on motifs and slowing down the machine speed. A good time was had by all. A big thank you to Lori Baker for hosting me and to Shar Rodenwald and the Heartland Quilters for inviting me to spend this time with them and Learn to Stitch with Reckless Abandon. Lori and I shared a machine making demos really easy. I think one of my favorite moments was the look of complete and utter shock on some of the quilters faces when I started stitching. S l o w l y.

Saturday on the way to the airport Lori, Bake (her husband) and I stopped at the International Quilt Museum to see the exhibits. More on that later this week so stay tuned.

Thanks for joining me. My 2023 calendar is now open for booking lectures and workshops.

Happy Quilting!


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