Towards Craftsmanship and story telling

Someone posted this Carhartt video of Jason Momoa crafting a story surrounding his life, craft, finding his life’s purpose, learning to enjoy life through acting. He speaks with

great love of his wife, and their children. Jason speaks with passion about his mom’s influence on his life, that she taught him to skateboard, and this is something he is passing onto his kids.

Jason speaks of craftsmanship. This caught my attention as it is a word I’d love to bring into the lexicon of quilt making. Merriam-Webster defines craftsmanship as: a worker who practices a trade or handcraft, and one who creates or performs with skill or dexterity especially in the manual arts. (Emphasis added.)The favorite word here is practice. Practice. Practice. Practice.
I have this thing for Craftsman houses, Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, Mondrian paintings, a well-done, and well curated fabric line, a well-made quilt, a well told story. What I can see underneath the thing is all of the work that went into getting to the point of creating the particular thing. I may not know each step, but more the level of effort and work. Make sense?

Nearly thirty years ago while serving as a volunteer at Habitat for Humanity I took a very basic clowning class offered by some of the other volunteers. Learning to clown, like quilt making, is something of a process wherein thought is given to your walk, your face including which features to exaggerate and de-emphasize. Perhaps in something of a telling way, I wanted to be a story telling clown. Clowning is not something I pursued with reckless abandon however, I could remake my clown face. The point of sharing this, is that clowning is something I tried. Story telling however, has stayed with me.


When the opportunity arises to give the Trunk Show of Quilts I get to tell the stories of the quilts, the struggles making them, and which are my faves. Taking in progress pieces that will not ever be finished in any way to show how I practice that which is the craft that has chosen me.  Just as it took Jason years to find his passion, for acting to find him, it’s taken me, any quilter who quilts, writes, teaches, shows, competes to get to the moment they are in. It’s risky business putting our stuff out there, because like actors we leave ourselves open to rejection, criticism, and a lot of tears and pain. And then there is the great joy of a quilt done like we envisioned, students getting “it”, ribbons on our quilts, and the feel of fabric beneath our fingers. The designs that wake us up at two in the morning because they just have to become something real.

One day the quilting story will write itself in a way in which allows me to breathe deeply the satisfaction of a well told story, the next quilt will be the one that will let me put it out in public.

This leads me to some writing, and quilting that is calling my name, so I’m off to hone my craft of quilting, and all of the things that go with it.

Happy Quilting,


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Chocolate Cake and Quilting

When you’re doing your work, when you’re creating an offering, there’s no more important question to answer than, “what sort of quality are we seeking here?” – Seth Godin Thinking clearly about quality.

20170619_202445The sunset last night was something to behold, leaving me wishing for more photos or a video, the color changed so quickly. Sunset is my favorite time of day, I enjoy, and am inspired by the ever changing color.


Some sunsets, like this one, capture the imagination, leaving a yearning in my creative heart for the ability to produce such color in my own work. I’d be certain that going to the Pantone site this would be fairly simple, but what of the fabric and thread sites? That doesn’t really matter. What matters is the moment of incredible beauty that lives on in the photos and in the memory.


This gazania needs no other explanation. Oh I do love color.

Then I got to thinking about character. Oh how I love quilts with character. I’ve been working on a small piece that I intend to give to Charles. I appreciated him a lot as a manager, and appreciate him as a friend even more.


We bantered like siblings, and sometimes sounded like an old married couple (we’re both married to other people.) I love to explore thread, and what it will do. I worked with two different Tiara silk threads in this section to explore the color and to continue figuring out how to get the colors to land where I want them as I quilt. When practicing creating odd, organic, unusual shapes to fill in allows me to learn how to fill space, and modify the motif as the stitching progresses. These stitches aren’t perfect, but they’re getting me where I want to go on this piece.

Now that I have a good idea of how this thread plays in this style of stitching I know how I want to use it in a quilt later on.

Oh quilt brain is kicking into high gear! Keith sent me a piece to practice on. I’m going to do just that! Woot! Woot!

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Happy Quilting!


it all started when

it all started when

20170614_190345 (1)my sweetie put the a/c in the window this morning. The last few days the desire to quilt several things has been held at bay while waiting for the a/c or the temperatures to cool down. Both happened today offering the opportunity to stitch. First up I made a postcard for the 1000 Postcards for Peace, which will be mailed tomorrow. The day was kind of icky news wise and had something of a big letdown so making the postcard was just perfect. I’m heading into the City to meet up with some friends and thought “hey, I’ll make one of them a little quilt!” Well, I didn’t quite finish but it’s giving me lots of ideas.

I chose a bit of gray Cherrywood as the front and back of the quilt; one layer of silk, and one layer of wool batting. This piece will be about 8” square, so no basting.

The quilting started with the pentagon in the center, just started stitching that to see what would happen when…per usual playing with thread was top priority. And then I have this thing for tiny stitching, though you may know that by now.


Tiny bubbles are always a good choice in a quilt, after finding the right spot, and choosing the appropriate Tiara Silk (Superior). Wouldn’t you know it little bit of thought and watching the thread and getting the red where I wanted it was possible.

In the bobbin I have Kimono Silk from another quilt. Using the finer thread in the bobbin makes dense stitching possible.


Opening the thread drawer I saw the Quilters Silk a 16/3 ply, grabbed the size 100 stop stitch needle because it’s thick stuff. This thread made an appearance on Shine Your Light. As this thread is very present it’s great for outlining, and allows from background stitching.

The fun part of stitching this, was hitting that creative quilting zone.

Remember I mentioned that my sweetie put the a/c in? Well, that sent the sewing room into a bit more of a tizz than necessary. Oh heck I need to tidy up again. Part of it is premarket prep when I tried making that skirt that turned out not to work so well and working on the Cherrywood Challenge, and working on a quilt for Pinwheels.  So Friday will be a bit of a tidy up before stitching.

All that’s left is binding, probably facing, and figuring out what to do with it.

Happy Quilting!


Oh! Join the fun on Lucy’s Nickles, we’re starting our next quilt very soon.

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A posting of posts

IMG_20160807_213205_resizedWell that was a completely strange day. I started a project, started the redesign on a quilt for Lucy’s Nickles, went back to the project, had a phone meeting, went back to the project, finished the project, finished the redesign on the quilt, and made dinner.

Now understanding that I’m not a fan of cooking meals is of prime importance here. We generally have dinner later in the evening because of the current work schedule. Being the primary cook at the moment there are a few, life-long habits that making cooking challenging such as waiting a little longer than necessary to check the freezer for the tastiest morsel. I’ve taken to brining the protein to assist the thawing process. As I sit here writing I keep thinking hmmm, what’s in the freezer now? It’s almost noon, perhaps I should do something about dinner. Oh darn it, it’s 1:30, sheesh where did that 90 minutes disappear? Found something. Thawing. Gah! Will I make it in time? I would rather be baking. Seriously. Quilting, always.

???????????????????????????????For Lucy’s Nickles the next quilt has been posted. We’re not starting it for a little bit to give the quilters time to finish the current project. The new project will involve a wee bit of trapunto, layers of batting, lots of thread, miles, miles and miles.

Here are a few links:

Craft Napa workshops

Cheryl Sleboda talks about quilting success.

Jenny Lyon speaks on FriXion Pens.

Debby Brown has so many Cuties.

October is turning out to be fairly special this year…I’m still so honored to be part of the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show.

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Have a great quilterly day.


Accidentally Amusing

Superior Threads Tiara Silk threa setI had to laugh yesterday. I logged into NetworkedBlogs to check something, clicked one button and discovered several of my blogs never posted to facebook or twitter @terificreations, feeds. Yes, I need to check this more often. I’ve enjoyed the comments and thank you to those who do.
So today I’m just going to say thank you for reading this blog, A Quilters Heart, and the Generation Q blog. You all are pretty awesome.

Happy Quilting!


Looking for a Local Place to teach

Happy Saturday Quilterly Peeps! Yes I have promised you pictures of the Somers Quilt show and I will get there. Now that I have my laptop back. This is one happy quilter. I’ve been grateful to have one of the older laptops to use for work, but…it’s older and slower. It’ll be kept around as a back up and I need to use it to finish up some work.

quantum leap on machineI’m actively looking for a local place to teach machine quilting classes. As soon as I have that buttoned up I’ll let you know where and any dates that I have set. In the meantime I’ve updated the teaching gigs page. I’m going to Clamshell in CT and Warwick Valley in June, all in the space of one week. I love that part.

Last night my sweetie and I had a date night, with something of a purpose. I’m looking for a desk, a stand up desk. My sweetie found a table that had potential, so off we went. Now, one thing to NOT do in the greater NY City area is leave at the time of day, on a Friday when everyone else is heading home. Meaning, out of the City. Silly us. As the driver on this adventure there were times I would listen to the GPS and times I followed my own advice. I have a feeling that had I listened to the GPS this one time we would have arrived a bit sooner. But *I* knew better. We arrived at our destination. My sweetie did his shopping and we looked for the “desk” uh nope. Not in stock. This happens and I’m not in a hurry for said desk as my dining room table is perfectly fine at this moment. And…the space for my “office” is currently occupied. So there’s time to look

After getting what we needed we went to El Bandido for dinner. Best mole (sauce) I’ve ever had. And I had ceviche for the first time ever! It was so good. I can hardly wait to have it again. We were sad to learn that the local drive in movie theater has closed. That’s too bad because it was a nice one.

I’m heading up to the sewing room to quilt for a while. See ya latah

Happy Quilting!


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