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An Interview With: Linda Nitzen

Sometimes when you meet a person there is something that simply clicks. I met Linda Nitzen, who was with Sizzix at that time, at a Quilt Market in Houston with Jake Finch, and Tracy Mooney. After a bit of texting between Jake and Linda, we, Tracy, Jake and I went down to the lobby of… Continue reading An Interview With: Linda Nitzen

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Of Super Balls and Classes

First up the class: And Now What?! Doodle Your way to Better Quilting Saturday July 14 Quilt Basket - Wappingers Falls NY. They are moving from Pawling to Summerlin Plaza 942 Route 376 Wappingers Falls, NY. Sign ups will be Mavailable soon. The last week or so there are a whole big bunch of ideas bouncing around… Continue reading Of Super Balls and Classes

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BERNINA Q 24 thoughts from a domestic machine quilter

One of the questions from my previous post asked about the BERNINA long arm, to please give my thoughts. Note: today's photos are linked from the BERNINA website, I have none of my own from the Ambassador Retreat as I was busy stitching happily along. First thought, "it's a BERNINA, how could I not love… Continue reading BERNINA Q 24 thoughts from a domestic machine quilter

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The BERNINA Stitch Regulator

Today's post is brought to you by questions from a couple of user groups that I participate (read usually) in. This falls into the Frequently Asked Question category: "How on earth do I use my BERNINA Stitch Regulator?" A way back in 2009 when in the Green Room getting ready to shoot episode 503 of… Continue reading The BERNINA Stitch Regulator

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Feather tutorial practice session: the distracted domestic

Regena sent me this the other day and I thought I'd share her blog as she sent it to me. Every quilter struggles with feathers at first. After a while stitching feathers becomes intuitive.  Natural. We develop our own feather shapes as we develop our own style as quilters. You may remember the Quilting Arts… Continue reading Feather tutorial practice session: the distracted domestic

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The Bernina Stitch Regulator & Chalk marking

One of my favorite school time tasks was to take out the erasers at the end of the week, clapping them creating clouds of chalk dust, better yet clapping them on the brick wall creating patterns and designs.  Inhaling chalk was, I'm certain, just part of what happened and though it wasn't a lot I'm… Continue reading The Bernina Stitch Regulator & Chalk marking

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It’s a good thing I can control myself

Or How I Fell in love with the BERNINA Stitch Regulator & a tutorial! When the Aurora 440 hit the market with the BSR (BERNINA Stitch Regulator) I tried it at a quilt show and well, wasn't overly impressed.  In part because I was still a dedicated hand quilter, in part because the minute my… Continue reading It’s a good thing I can control myself



Now that the Carly Simon tune is dancing through your head, I'm going to give you another visual.Wait for it...I did the Tigger Bounce Today.  I did.  I had my coworkers laughing.  And some of our students too.  When the boxes first arrived I was thinking after all the work I've done tidying up the… Continue reading Anti…ci…pa..a…tion!!!

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Courthouse Quilters visit

Two delightful days of teaching Beginner Free Motion Machine Quilting with the Courthouse Quilters.  Oh man is this an amazing group of Quilters!  This group is close enough that I brought all my stuff including my machine and a good deal of my thread and some of the Houston swag including the Karen Kay Buckley… Continue reading Courthouse Quilters visit

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Bernina Stitch Regulator part 2 & Sketch book cover

When the BSR first came out on the market I decided to wait for a while to get the new machine just to see what other quilters thought about it.    The reviews at the time, as they are now, were mixed with lots of quilters loving it and lot's of quilters struggling it. When… Continue reading Bernina Stitch Regulator part 2 & Sketch book cover