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Connect: color

A while back Wednesday mornings meant heading to a local coffee shop for knitting and chatting. This hardcore machine quilter loved the company, and getting out of the house once a week was priceless. It was a way of connecting with friends, and with some handwork, knitting and crocheting. Attending guild meetings, sharing quilt stories,… Continue reading Connect: color

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Brain Dump: Stitch the Scary Stuff in Your Brain

So here's a bit o'progress on one sample for the aforementioned class (title). Opening the drawers of the thread chest and grabbing as many different reds as I could find to begin stitching. The cool this is after collecting thread for a few years I have a multitude of reds to choose from. Then again… Continue reading Brain Dump: Stitch the Scary Stuff in Your Brain

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Oh Color Me Happy

Way back when, not so very long ago, in something that seems a whole other lifetime ago I started making an artistic color wheel. It all started when I was writing a book on how I use color, then life got in the way, the wind got knocked out of my sails, the book got… Continue reading Oh Color Me Happy

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September Quilted Block of the Month

It's Still Saturday! Ha! At least for a little while yet. So I've been thinking about this kaleidoscope quilt, how to quilt it and what colors to use. Before I got there bear with me for a moment. https://www.facebook.com/Terificreations/videos/10214339078259258/ Shadowing = learning for me. There are things to do. so watch this space for things… Continue reading September Quilted Block of the Month

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The sky at dusk

The photo below is a morning sky. https://www.instagram.com/p/BBFQcA2Nvhn/?taken-by=terilucas The sky at dusk lately, oh that indigo/blue ombre sky, with deep gray stone of the buildings. As I stand at the bus stop on Madison these tall buildings and that sky...I keep thinking of quilts to make. It's making me wish for longer days. Or differently… Continue reading The sky at dusk

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The other night my friend and I had a discussion about value. Color value. She is an artist who takes actual classes, paints, quilts, plays viola, you get the drift. Part of the conversation drifted to the new job and one component that I am struggling with, less and less, but still struggling. There is… Continue reading Value-able

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Okay, I'm totally taking a conversation with the comments to heart and brain and in quilt-teacher fashion addressing the larger group of students as the information is pertinent to all. Where do I begin? How do I decide what motifs to use? How do I choose what weight and color thread? What batting do I… Continue reading Overwhelmed