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Top Ten for Monday

Hey there! It's Monday. I'm going to my sewing room shortly (after my sweetie makes a delicious french bread, french toast breakfast). I thought I'd do another top ten and today it'll be fabric! Fossil Ferns - I will always love Fossil Ferns by Patricia Campbell with Benartex this was the second mottled/textured line I… Continue reading Top Ten for Monday

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Mail Art & a quilt shop

Mail Art The Introduction to Art on Coursera is fun so far.  Mail art speaks to this quilters heart, we've been sending postcards and making artist trading cards for ages. I'm titling the mail art "Treasured Memories" Part of the fun of any project is figuring out what will work and working with what I… Continue reading Mail Art & a quilt shop

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Wherein I copy Debby’s homework

Debby told on herself yesterday and I'm being a bit of a copycat (this is a bit of an inside joke between the two of us, for our own amusement) today and just coming right out with it.  I'm taking Introduction to Art: Concepts & Techniques on Coursera.  Debby first introduced me to Coursera by… Continue reading Wherein I copy Debby’s homework

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I figure I’m about 1/2 way there

Principle: it takes 50 hours to become comfortable with machine quilting it takes 500 hours to become proficient in machine quilting it takes 10,000 hours to become a master machine quilter While the principle comes from a work of fiction (Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell) the essence of the truth remains the… Continue reading I figure I’m about 1/2 way there

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Things with Wings and a lesson learned :-)

Lets start with the lesson learned: going to The Big E mid afternoon on a weekend afternoon is dumb!  Too many people and no way to enjoy anything.  Not happening ever again!  We did leave with a couple of fun experiences  which I'll share.  We were sitting on a beautiful bench made of reclaimed wood… Continue reading Things with Wings and a lesson learned 🙂

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When I grow up I want to be an overachiever

A while back in an email conversation ended the note with, "when I grow up I want to be an overachiever".  The gal receiving the note replied that she giggled reading this. I'm in process of making "Twilight in the Bronx" into a four week class in intermediate/advanced machine quilting.  The class will be offered… Continue reading When I grow up I want to be an overachiever

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The Quilt Show

To each member of the Village Squares (in particular each one of the committee members), Pelham Quilters, husbands, friends, my sisters and boy scouts who worked so hard to make this quilt show a success, "THANK YOU!!!" Anne & Mary Anne hang quilts. Set up on Friday went right down to the wire.  Each person… Continue reading The Quilt Show