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NYC Metro Mod Quilters Sewing Day

This trip into the City with the Metro Mod Quilters  started out with a stop for a smoothie – I chose pear, grapefruit and pineapple.  Yum!

I made my way over to the City Quilter with several minutes to spare.  Leslie Tucker Jenison was already in the classroom alternately working on her sketchbook and helping Amy Milne finish packing up from the weekends events.

I checked in with Cathy Izzo for a BSR or free motion foot for my demonstration a little bit later in the day.  Victoria posted pics on the NYC Metro Mod Quilters blog (link ab0ve).  We had a great time.  Each quilter working on a variety of projects and just having fun.  As I chatted with my sweetie on my way home I told him that I am really going to work on making the guild meetings through the next year, this is a great group of people.

I must must must learn to not bring quite so much with me when I go somewhere.  That stripe fabric I purchased for the quilt that is in the guild show a little later.  I need to get writing the description for it.  If I know me the writing will come together the night before it’s due to Victoria.  The size is 15 x 20 total and while the quilt is a little larger than that right now I’m going to quilt it then square it down to the size requirements.


Leslie Tucker Jenison has some of the neatest business cards that include pics of her work as a quilter.  Romicka (spelling?) sorted through Leslie’s cards and laid them out on the table.  Here’s Leslie taking a picture.

Leslie is very good friends with Melanie Testa.  I was glad to meet Leslie, she’s very lovely in person.  I was very glad too to see Melanie after almost a year and give her a big hug.  I’d promised this to Melanie a long time ago as she was going through chemotherapy.

I always enjoy meeting quilters I’ve known on-line for a while.  Jackie Kunkle of Canton Village Quilt Works moderated the panel on Friday night, doing a terrific job of asking questions and directing them to the panel members.  She’s pictured here at the machine working on her guild quilt.  She made the tiniest flying geese I think I’ve ever seen without paper piecing!  Not only is Jackie a fab long arm quilter she has a podcast too!

I must head off to the quilt shop!


Happy Quilting!






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  1. Yeah…Thanks so much for your tips and tricks…they were truly light bulb moments…smiles….Teri I plan to download and post tonight…pop on over to cocktailsandthread.blogspot.com. and catch more pics…Earamichia

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