nqa quilt front full viewSo I set out to make a convergence quilt and it didn’t quite happen.  Forgot to follow a couple of the rules.  I do like the piece.  I’m going to submit it to the Little Quilt Auction through NQA in June.  I did a lot of quilting on this piece…swirling feathers are a feature, used 4 thread colors on the front and orange on the back.



back of quilt nqa fullI sill need to bind or face the quilt…I’m thinking facing so all you see is quilt.  Unless I bind in black.  Hmmn, have to think that one through.






swirling feathers nqa





This is a smaller swirling feather.  I really like doing these.




swirling feathers nqa frontI’m looking forward to taking the swirling feathers to this quilt:


feather cenerWhen I first put the finials on I wasn’t so sure about their placement…they look better from a distance.  One good reason for a quilter to add a decent, high megapixel camera to their quilting tools.  Being able to see something from a distance really does give some good perspective.

center good imageI’m thinking pebbles in the cream color area

maybe outline quilting

the center design is in my graph paper book in another location.

I’m loving this quilt.

Once I get the finials ironed down I’ll post a photo of the complete quilt.  Right now it’s sitting on my ironing board.


Happy Quilting!


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  1. Beautiful. You are getting so good at quilting. You inspire me! Carolyn in Kerrville, TX

  2. My goodness the quilting on those plain colors is fabulous! I would just like that on my wall in my office to stare at. That quilting is spectacular! Thanks so much for sharing it!
    Mary Lou Weidman

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