drunk-cover-1It’s been a while since I’ve participated in a blog tour on TerifiCreations, as I write most of the Generation Q Magazine book tours. This one is kind of special because a friend, John Kubiniec, wrote the book. Over the last couple of years I’ve watched John work on this book. I’ve watched him struggle, grow, become, move, write, and name quilts. And here his is, A New Spin on Drunkards Path is ready for you to run to your local quilt shop and get it.



I was surprised to learn that John uses 3 pins to stitch these curves the placement is key to how well this works. I must admit that when I saw it I did the whole *facepalm* why didn’t I think of that! And. . . it makes so very much sense. I so want to tell you this trade secret but book, it’s all about buying the book, and this tip is worth it.


Test Pattern

Then there’s the patterns, the spins or to have a little fun, the hacks on this block are fun. Having fun with a curved pieced block yields this:


Beach Balls

A dynamic, beach ready quilt. And yes, go ahead, take the quilt to beach.



Nightfall is one of the most dynamic looking quilts in the entire book. It looks so difficult. But nope. John adds half-square triangles to the corners, spends a little time getting the placement right by alternating the curve of the drunkards path block and the results are stunning. I may even make this one, when I have some time for quilting.

Okay so what you really need to know is that I’m really proud of John. While he doesn’t exactly say it out loud in the book there is a sense of play, and permission to do what you want. Here’s the technique, here’s a great pattern, and go.

So I get to give away a copy of the book! In the US it’ll be a softcover copy; outside the US an e-book. Ya gotta comment and tell me something fun that you’re working on. I’ll draw a winner on or about October 4th.

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When words become inadequate, actions take front and center.

interview picQuilters have a great capacity for being community for one another. We are stitched together with fabric, needle, and thread. Quilt shops are our classrooms, our places for learning, gathering, and growing as quilters, and as friends. As we wander about a quilt shop we often strike up a conversation with the shop staff or other customers about how to choose fabrics, thread, quilting patterns, batting and patterns. Our early ventures into the quilt shops or quilt guilds we feel like strangers and outsiders until we get to know the lingo, the people, and the different styles of quilting.

Over time, we learn the lingo, we earn our PhD (Projects half done) and graduate to purchasing 4 – 9 yards depending on how much we love a fabric and see the potential. We take classes and get to know people, we find similar styles, interests, or different styles but really cool people anyway. Seeing their differences allows us to appreciate our own style. We get to know the gal in the shop who loves thread, who will wax poetic about needles.

Michelle Muskas bookThe shop or guild hosts charity events, let’s the guilds meet there, if they can they’ll donate batting, thread, or classroom time. When tragedy strikes, tsunamis, hurricanes, fires, floods, national tragedies…quilters head to their stashes and then the shops to mae quilts for oh so many causes. The outpouring of love knows no boundaries. Quilters respond with the one thing they do best, the offer through their time and talent, a little bit of comfort to those who are deeply hurting. When quilters are in need they respond by donating part of their stashes, notions and hard earned cash to help meet the needs of the other members of the community, whether they know them or not.

And there it is, whether they know them or not.

When a quilt shop closes or a guild shutters, and there are a variety of reasons that they do, the community hurts deeply. Oh does it ever hurt. When my favorite local shop closed I said the most unhelpful, least comforting thing ever, “if I’d know this, I would have done that for you”. Well ya know what, I could have volunteered some time before that.

with Gen Q Mag at the City quilterAs you know the shop I currently work in is closing. This has been public for quite some time. Every day quilters express their grief, and heartache. The loss to the greater quilting community is going to be tough. Yes, we’re New Yorkers we’ll be fine. Not the point. These are people who seek refuge with just inside our doors. Inside there is inspiration, creativity, support, help, comfort, and friendship. Even when the sales staff is having a difficult moment (because we know that they are human and are doing their best!), somehow the quilters know deep down that they are loved.

I will tell you with deep honesty these have been nearly the most difficult 8 weeks of the last few years. The grief is overwhelming.


Sometimes I have to get off the floor for just a moment to regroup and refocus. Working in a store that is closing is challenging for the staff. At the end of this not only will we have done our best to comfort and console, remind people this is a good thing (the owners are retiring) and be there for the quilters we’ve learned to love and adore, who have become part of our extended family – we will be looking for new jobs.

Melanie quilting full viewAnd I’m adding here if I had the money I’d probably open a shop in lower Westchester. Oh do I have some ideas swirling inside my head. People have asked why I didn’t purchase the shop I’m working in. Please refer to the first part of this paragraph – if I had the money. I really wouldn’t purchase a shop owned by someone else as it has it’s own personality, it’s own shape, and way of being. It’s not that I want to start something new…oh wait, yes I do. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. I simply have ideas.

Quilting is a community. There is no getting around it. Overall the quilting community is struggling a little bit right now. It’s hard. I love this community. It makes my heart ache from the inside and out to experience this. I love this community. I love watching it grow. I love seeing when the community responds in generosity, love and compassion.

Quilting is a community of people. There’s no getting around that either. We’re all good. Like our quilts we’re not all perfect.

I’d like to say go tell your shop owner how much you appreciate them and all the hard work they do. I’d like to say tell the staff too. They work hard. You might not know what you’re going to do without the shop; the owners and staff don’t know either.

Happy Quilting!


Quilt Shop Owner Appreciation Day – Tuesday October 25th

But before I get to the happy hour bit. I did a bit of a tidy up in my sewing room yesterday. Oh my goodness was I ever over due for that! A while back someone gave me thread stands for both Superior and Aurifil. These very useful stands were sitting in the middle of my sewing room floor taking up valuable floor space, making moving around challenging.

thread stand one

Until now the thread has lived in drawers, and that’s been okay.

thread stand two

The drawers have functioned okay, however having them free for other things like cones, patterns, and notions is such a good thing. Being able to see my thread is such a fun thing because thread. Now you may notice that there is a lot of non-Aurifil thread on this stand, and you would be correct, this is because most of the Aurifil that I have is in cones. There is more thread in one other place, as soon as I can get that situated I’ll share the space. I’m adding one more table to that space in the next couple of weeks. My sweetie has suggested a set up that just might make this space more functional, and will allow me to take better shots for the magazine and for me.
The fun thing is that I brought a project out that I haven’t worked on in a while. The quilt was started for a friends book and I pulled it because quite frankly it wasn’t going well. I hated to do do it as I didn’t want to let said friend down, however it was necessary. I will make some changes as I go, and do my best to mask the areas I’m not particularly happy with. The person who will end up with the quilt will love it.

So speaking of the magazine Tracy Mooney and I had our first GenQ Happy Hour last week!

We’re planning another Wednesday night and hope to be able to add our Editor-in-Chief Melissa Thompson Maher to the video as well. Timing wise it should be 9:30 eastern, 8:30 central, 7:30 mountain time. Watch our fb page for details.

Have a fabulous quilting day!


I started writing this post before the Generation Q edit meeting Wednesday, with a day full of meetings, trying to figure out new technology, answer emails, and get information for an article writing this post just didn’t happen.

Tracy Mooney and I launched the very first Generation Q Magazine Happy Hour live on facebook. This was the bit of technology we were trying to figure out. We’re planning a Happy Hour next Wednesday at 9:30 eastern, hopefully we’ll get our Editor in Chief Melissa to join us. Trying to figure out how things work can be a little bit trying at times. Okay make that a lot a bit and we’ll get this figured out!

Let Your Light Shine is finished. A friend asked if this quilt made me happy. Yes. Yes this quilt makes me happy. Finishing a quilt that I’m in love with is a feat in and of itself. I do have favorite quilts, and it’s usually the one in my hand. This one makes me happy because it’s my first complete quilt in a very long time. Between commuting/working 13 hours a day, and magazine work there has been very little time for quilting of any kind. The days I’m off there is magazine work to do. Or I’m just so tired that stitching is the last thing on my mind. And we all know that stitching while you’re tired makes for mistake making.If a picture is worth a thousand words, a quilt is worth oh so many more. From the fabric chosen, to the hours stitching, The words on the quilt. The feathers, straight lines, thread weight. The significance of the candle.

Let’s start there, with the candle, it is lit essentially for Yvonne. But more than that it is lit for all of those in my life who have influenced my quilting in some way. This quilt then becomes a prayer of gratitude for them. The list is long, and beautiful. The list of people includes some who have been a bit of a challenge, who have helped me learn to be patient with others, and myself. For those who are still teaching me to be patient with others and myself. The candle will remain lit always, so this is a constant prayer.

This is also an ode to risk. I took a risk in starting and sharing this quilt. It will leave for California later today, it will hang at Alden Lane with so many other quilts in Tribute to a risk taker, a free spirit, someone who embraced red as a neutral. But it’s also an ode to those who are taking risks now. Like Pokey Bolton, taking a huge risk to start Crafting a Life, she has no idea if this will be successful but she’s starting Art Barn with hopes, dreams, and as far as I’m concerned she’s already successful with it. Because the Barn is open.

twilight finished 1This quilt also acknowledges something near and dear to me. As you know I can state the obvious with clarity – I am a machine quilter. But more than that I am more specifically a machine quilter who loves to work in whole cloth in a free-spirited way. Quilts start with an idea and develop from there. I can see a clear beginning for this with Twilight in the Bronx, and the ideas keep pouring into my brain living just below the surface. Last night as Tracy and I chatted I had an idea for a quilt with a stripe that might just take shape sometime very soon.

So as I go forward I can see shaping classes around ideas, your ideas, how you see life, how you want to quilt. Classes to acknowledge who you are as a quilter. Because quilting is a journey (here’s another quilt) wherein we get to spend time with each other, and influence each other.

So, I’m off to influence quilters at the day job.

Happy Quilting!


Melissa Kanovsky, Friend extrordinaire and Ad Manager for Generation Q Magazine wrote a fun blog post. Head on over HERE to check it out.

I love going to quilt shows with friends.











Lisa Calle OCQ event














People are cool and I enjoy spending time with them. Every now and again it’s good to go alone. Because meeting new friends is the best.

So what’s your most fun quilt show experience?




20160806_105310_resizedWell, it looks like there is a little bit of a problem here. One might say it’s twisted. Just so you know, this isn’t my machine. I do know who it belongs to, however I will protect identity to protect the innocent. These things happen, not often mind you, but they do happen.

I sent this photo to the tech to see what his thoughts were. He told me to go ahead and fix it, telling me what I needed. So I got the right tools, took the right steps, turned the foot in the direction it’s supposed to go.

I used the needle (not pictured here) to help line up in the correct position. Whew. I did it. I’ve wanted to go to learn to be a BERNINA tech for a long time. While this is far from step one, being able to send the machine home that day with the customer was deeply rewarding. She should go home and do her stitching to her hearts content.

Last week my sweetie and I went to the NJ State Fair in Augusta. It’d been a couple of years since we were there last. Still a great fair! We usually go on the weekends so the low crowds was, at first a little bit disconcerting. Because people. On our way there it rained, heavily. So it’s possible a lot of people simply stayed home. The fair is a true county fair type with animals to see, quilts hanging. 4-H kids presenting their crafted items. Oh the kids did a great job! Sewing is alive and well. Kids are getting interested and they’re doing good work.

There was no lack of quilts, over 100 hanging over head. No one here has the opportunity to touch the quilts. Nope. No one. 20160810_135715

There are some seriously amazing quilters out there. Making quilts. Having a good time.20160810_135746


Everyone needs a baseball quilt. It is one of our national past times after all. Baseball is good. As a matter of fact I believe that, as I write, the Yankee’s are playing ball.


And then we saw the plants. Holy wow! Plants are awesome. This one looks like feathers kind of like Ferret Capri’s. They are long and thin and look more like a bird feather.


As swirling oh my! I love swirling like this.20160810_154702

Who can go wrong with froufy. Everyone needs some kind of froufy in their life. When you find froufy hold onto it and enjoy the moment. Of course we left the plant behind. My sweetie already has plants everywhere in the house. And they are growing like weeds. But they’re not weeds. They’re plants.

I just love the dolor of the leaves on this one. I have no idea any more what it’s called. “I’ll remember!” I think. “Who can forget” I think. And now look at me. Can not remember what this plant is called, other than pretty.

And this one made me squee! I mean look at the color and the shape, and texture and oh my! I love it. Yes, it like the others, stayed behind. And someday I might get it for my sweetie. But honestly we have no more room for plants. Although I’m sure he could find room if he chose to.20160810_154918

And then the moon. I love the moon. So here ya go. The moon.

lunar eclipse blood moon

Gratuitous Moon Photo – Eclipse

Happy Quilting!


Wonder what the heck? I do.

a day in the city 042So, I’m not sure if you know that the City Quilter is closing in October (as of yet there is no final date). Dale and Cathy are ready to retire. While it’s hard to see another quilt shop close, leaving a huge hole in the NY Quilting Landscape, I’m happy for them, and wish them well.

For any of my customers who have purchased a BERNINA machine since I started working there last October I am going to set up an email address for you to contact me with questions. If there is a need for private instruction I’ll be available for private lessons. There will be a fee and I’ll let you know that in an email.

So I’ll be looking for work again. That means spiffing up the resume and applying. Spiffing up the resume is as easy for me as writing my own bio. I believe I have a quilt for that entitled Bang! Head! Here! I’m hoping to find some time in the next month or so to apply to teach at quilt shows. I think I may have mentioned a time or two that I love to teach. As a result it’s time to look at the Lectures & Workshops page, while this has been on “the list” for a while now is a great time to focus in on that. Oh those, like the handouts, always seem to need tweaking. And I’ll be adding a class, and as a result titling another one differently.

IMG_1041With a little bit of downtime yesterday the Tutorials & Helpful Hints page got a bit of a revamp. Adding pictures breaks up the text, making it a bit more readable. I’ll be making changes to the website as I have time. There is still other work to do.

And, this is the hard part for me. I had to set my book aside for now. I wish I could convey how hard, how absolutely gutting this was to do. I could go into all the why and thought process behind this, however what matters is that when I have time I can still do this. I will say that sobbing was involved. It’s not off the table entirely, it’s just like dessert, for later. When my plate isn’t quite so full, and I can manage the work that needs to happen.

13987784_10210487788859430_1773825635_o (1)I’ve been buying fabric again over the last few weeks. Some by proxy, thanks Melissa! She visited the SewBatik booth at a quilt show (more of that trip on the GenQ blog in a few days). getting some of their new gradients. They make me giddy, the ideas are flowing and I’m happy.

Then there was a visit to Quilting Possibilities. Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! solids! did I mention solids? Looky here! Blank canvases make me all giddy. The possibilities are endless and I’m excited to get stitching and create something. I don’t know what yet but something.


Like I tell my customers I don’t know what I’m going to do with them yet, they sure are pretty though. The one in the middle looks like some of the quilting I do. I may just take this to classes to show one more way of learning how to quilt. Oh this may be a new lecture. Oooooooooo that would be fun. Great PowerPoint presentation.

And on that note the color pencils, paper and I have a hot date.

Happy Quilting!