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Letting the dogs out and other Quilt Adventures
Here’s where I share the quilts and their stories, some of these quilts have stories! 49 Pieces of Chocolat and the Sewing Room Vortex; Bob’s Quilt a Six Year Saga; Twilight in the Bronx and the Case of the Seam Ripper. Let’s not forget how surprised I am to be a free motion machine quilter and teacher.



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If the Foot Fits – Use it!
It’s easy to put your best foot forward when the foot fits the job. From piecing to quilting to decorating our quilt tops,using the right foot makes the quilting easier. Teri Lucas, BERNINA Brand Ambassador, will show you effective uses of feet for the quilt making process and how to present them to quilt makers. Gain a better understanding of how feet can be used in quilt making and how to share with quilters why having the right foot makes all the difference. BERNINA specific.


teri lucas qad gen q amen


Quilt as Desired – A Generation Q Magazine Lecture!

One quilt, 20+ different quilters and voila! 20+ different quilts. Each quilted with different motifs and thread using a variety of different techniques, and machines, high tech or low tech. Each quilt beautiful, representing their quilters well.





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Beginner Free Motion Machine Quilting
Free-motion quilting on a home sewing machine is the best, especially when you know all of the tricks and tips that the “pros” use.  This class covers common challenges that quilters have when choosing batting and thread for their quilts, adjusting tension, and choosing the right needles.  Join the machine quilting club!


doodle quilting practice



And Now What?!
Which came first the chicken or the egg? Who knows, but the burning question on quilters minds is… “how on earth do I quilt this?” Well, there are some great ways to figure this out including doodling on paper or clear vinyl. Bring a quilt to class to talk as a group about options for your quilt top.



Moon Set copyGo With the Flow
Go With the Flow is the class where you get to play with your food, er, I mean thread. Let’s play with thread, figuring out how to: trust our gut, change thread on a whim, and most importantly not give a hoot what others think of our quilting. This is that permission to play kind of class. With two quilting options, either a quilt designed by Teri, or one of your own designs, this class will focus on showing the fun and joy of quilting and creating. We’ll talk about using thread color, and thread weight to get the design to do what we want. Then we’ll talk about serendipity, how the designs will change, the quilts will tell us what they want. 

That Beginner/Intermediate Quilt Class
This is that class for quilters of all skill levels. For the beginner/intermediate quilter the quilting is from Beginner Free Motion Machine Quilting with a bit of a tweak or two that will get you free motion stitching with confidence. The Intermediate/Advanced quilters will work on a whole cloth with a plan for a lot of stitching and thread changes.
For all quilters: let’s talk tension, needle & thread pairing, and a bit about batting and it’s influence on our quilting. 

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Your Foot Loose Be Fancy & Free
Intermediate/Advanced: Yes, that means you. The one reading this thinking, “am I an advanced quilter?”, “do I have the skill to take on this class?” Yes! You do. Let’s move beyond stippling and stitch in the ditch to some seriously fun free-motion stitching. = Let’s play with design, thread, fabric and batting to create some fun, one-of -a-kind quilts. This class is all about new-to-us motifs, using our intuition and going for it with machine quilting on a domestic sewing machine.




rainy days and mondays 003Go Mini or Go Home!
If great things come in small packages, then miniatures quilts are the greatest! We will learn to confidently piece log cabin blocks from 3/4″ strips and take the mystery out of quilting the smallest of quilts. Go Mini or Go Home makes great use of the patchwork foot and free-hand embroidery foot (open toe quilting foot) and learning how to make simple adjustments on our machines for the greatest success.

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