Lectures and Workshops

Lectures $400
Half Day – $500
Full Day – $700
Hourly Rate – $65

Moon Set copy

Virtual Lectures & Classes Available.

Lectures 60 to 90 minutes
Trunk Show

Every quilt is an Adventure and leads the way to the next quilt. Hear the behind the scenes tales of 49 Pieces of Chocolat and the Sewing Room Vortex; Bob’s Quilt a Six Year Saga; Twilight in the Bronx and the Case of the Seam Ripper.

Learn to Stitch with Reckless Abandon

Based on her book Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting Teri shares the quilts and stories that led to machine quilting with reckless abandon. Throughout the lecture she offers practical tips on tension (personal and machine), color choices, machine quilting feet, machine speed, and more.

Private Lessons

serendipity as well front finished

Please contact me: terificreations2@gmail.com Initial 30 minute consult to determine your needs and wants. Zoom minimum 90 minutes, in person minimum 2 hours.

Learn to Stitch with Reckless Abandon a Retreat
A retreat is a time of refreshment, direction, and renewal. A time to grow, explore, and discover more of who we are as quilt makers. The retreat can be directed making a quilt in my style (Shine Your Light, Twilight in the Bronx, or Moon Over Manhattan) or something you’ve wanted to work on in a focused way. A focus on thread, batting, and color; how they work together to create, and You develop our own personal style in a quilt.


kal anniversary 010
Teri thank you so much for the wonderful class, I feel so lucky to have been in your class I can’t wait to put my five hundred hours in to be able to do a better job. I just loved the class and you – Sylvia

Beginner Free Motion Machine Quilting
You can free-motion quilting on your home sewing machine. It’s easy when you know the tricks and tips that the “pros” use. We will learn to pair thread weight and needle size, when to adjust tension, and how shoving a queen size quilt into a 6” harp. This class covers the basics: stitch in the ditch, thread burying, straight lines and curves, moving right through to feathers. Join the machine quilting club!
Full Day

Needles, Thread, & Tension Oh My

Pairing needles and thread well solves quilting and machine tension issues. In this talk we cover needle types and coatings, size, and how often to change the needle. We move onto a discussion of thread weight and how to pair well with needles (this is life changing!) Then tension, covering both machine and personal and how to adjust both. Note: later this summer this class will move to Creative Spark Online Learning by C&T Publishing.

impractical color wheel

The Impractical Color Wheel


A color wheel is such a fun tool to use in our quilting from piecing to free-motion machine quilting. As a class we will either sort through our stash and use the beautiful thread we’ve collected or continue building our thread stash. Teri will cover needle & thread pairing, a couple of ways to practice quilting motifs and show us the two most difficult quilting motifs: straight lines and curves.

Full or Multi Day.

Lucas Moon Over Manhattan 39 x 34
Thank you so much for helping me with my quilting question. My quilting is looking so much better since I’m using your starting and stopping method. No more weird snarls or stray thread giving me a headache. Thanks again…you rock!!! – Jenice

Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting: Learn to Stitch with Reckless Abandon

Advanced Beginner/Intermediate:
Stippling and stitch in the ditch are machine quilting go-to’s with good reason. Let’s let our foot loose and explore fun free-motion stitching. We will play with design, thread, fabric and batting to create some fun, one-of -a-kind quilts. This class focuses on trying new-to-us motifs, using our imagination and going for it with machine quilting on a domestic sewing machine.

Full or Multi

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