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Village Squares Quilters – Quilt Celebration XI

From set up on Friday to take down Sunday evening the quilt show went well.   We rented the stands & uprights from a the Evening Star Quilters in Mineola which made the whole process for set up and hanging so much easier!

This first group showing is several of the guild members who are in the “master quilter category.

Jeri Riggs quilt is on the lower right.  The link associated with Jeri’s name is to a specific post on her blog…once our show was over I gave Jeri a little quilt.

Our quilt show chair and her sweet hubs posing for me in the midst of all the crazy set up.

We were all pretty tired at this point.






This next shot is the set up of our boutique.  Many members contributed hand made items to sell in the boutique.  The next day I added a whole bunch of vintage crocheted table linens from my sweeties grand mother.  I have a lot left – some of which may go to Cindy Needham.



The rest of our “master quilter” group being hung.  There are two more, however I’ll show them in a later post.  I spent several hours right where our volunteer is on Sunday talking about “Twilight in the Bronx” & “Moon Over Manhattan”  I had a great time and ideas are forming for a future quilt or three.


while not a very great picture this broach has me thinking about another quilt…with trapunto and metallic and well, black Radiance.  Hhmmm I can see a lot going on here.  Oh, I can hardly wait to explore this on fabric.  I think I want to spend some time drafting it out first.



Some of our challenge quilts from this years theme, “Energy!”

The quilt in the 2nd row from the left, bottom quilt, is the one I gave to Jeri Riggs.






hanging the challenge quilts
clothing exhibit


More in a day or two including a trip to the New York Botanical Gardens…oh the mums!

Happy quilting!








4 thoughts on “Village Squares Quilters – Quilt Celebration XI”

  1. Thank you for all you do, Teri! Your little quilt makes me smile every day..I hung it in my studio. Thank you so much!
    I can’t wait to see what you make with the brooch idea.

  2. Very nice…I would love to see pictures of your grandma’s linens. I bet they are beautiful. Looks like a very busy and productive time.

  3. It was a great show Terri, Lucy and I really enjoyed ourselves (and our purchases prove it!)

    All the guild volunteers did a great job setting up and running the show.

    And congratulations on your ribbon!

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