Serendipity As Well

Along with a t-shirt and one other quilt I’ve been working on the “Serendipity” series.

This is “Serendipity As Well”.

As with the “City” series it’s a whole cloth concept quilt.  French Silk top, silk batting, silk thread and this one has a silk backing.

I am having a lot of fun with the density of quilting.  There’s about 6 hours into this quilt right now.

Because the silk thread is so fine the density of quilting is rather intense.  I love that I can stitch over a line and not have a lot of bulk as I quilt.  I’m really beginning to see why quilters enjoy quilting with silk and lower weight polyesters.

Because they are so fine there is a wholly different dynamic in the quilting process.  I could almost use a magnifying glass as I stitch!  In a few days I’ll post more on “Staten Island Sunset” I’m getting more fabric and Misty Fuse.  Once I have the hand dyed silk organza fused to the Robert Kaufman Radiance I’ll post pics.

Happy Quilting!


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    1. Eileen it depend on how much time I have in between project. Sometimes a few hours and sometimes just a few minute. I estimated that I spent about 12 hours on a 12″ square quilt a few weeks ago.

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