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The last few days have been a marathon quilt session.

Quilts like this one often take a lot more than I think because these are the quilts that the seam ripper comes out for, I agonize over color decisions, thread decision, stitching motifs, batting and well everything.  And I do mean everything.

Then there is the emotional I must do better than my best because 1) it’s for competition and 2) it’s for a friend.  When it’s not perfect – the tension is off even just slightly  out comes the seam ripper.  There’s the panic thinking it’s not good enough.

Checking, double checking…

I’ll be sending it to the maker later this week for a sleeve and label.  I’d love to deliver this particular quilt  in person.  There will be a lot more quilting over the next few weeks, a little less blogging.

Happy Quilting,


10 thoughts on “Quilting”

  1. So glad to hear you feel the way I do and I believe you do awesome work. We are definitely our own worst critics! Hang in there Teri and happy quilting!

  2. Wow, can I relate. I’m doing a quilt now and I’m feeling everything you are Teri. We certainly are hard on ourselves. Wish I was half as talented as you are….you do beautiful work!!!

  3. I’m desperate to find a quilting for for my Bernina 1080! The foot #29 I bought online doesn’t work, as the needle hits the foot! What foot do you use?

    1. Judy I use the #24 foot for quilting whether it’s stitch in the ditch or free motion.
      If the needle is hitting the foot I suggest taking the machine into the dealer for service, the tension may have been knocked out and the needle may be out of position.


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