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Further Proof I am a goof

A dear friend of mine went to teach in Australia.  And I asked her for one thing.  Which she graciously brought back to me.

When Debby gave me the gift she went all out.

austrailian rock 002

She showed up with this beautiful Tiffany & Co. bag.
It’s so fun getting a Tiffany & Co. bag.

austrailian rock 004particularly when there is a Tiffany & Co. box contained therein.

I opened this with anticipation

to find


the one thing

I’d asked for

from her trip to teach in Australia

It may seem rather odd to make this request of anyone.

It is a request I’ve made before.


What did I ask for?

Why did I ask for it?

I asked for a rock.

austrailian rock 005And here it is.

My beautiful rock from Australia.

This beautiful rock will reside in my studio in a place of honor.

It’ll be a little bit before that place of honor is found as I have a little bit of work to do before next Wednesday.  Today will be a “nesting day” as I get ready for a really amazing thing on Wednesday.

I can’t say just yet what will happen on Wednesday but to me, it’s very, very exciting and I can hardly wait to share with you.  And it has further commitment meaning to it.

So you may still be wondering why I ask for rocks?  It’s simple, unusual, people remember and I have a piece of a place that I’ve never been.

So thank you Debby!!

Go quilt your world,




7 thoughts on “Further Proof I am a goof”

  1. My best friend always asked me for a rock when I traveled! Thanks for the memory!

  2. I was hoping to see what was inside the Latino Migration Exhibit. The sign is surely bright enough! You could have brought me back something from that exhibit and I wouldn’t even have worried about the Tiffany bag/box! 🙂

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