Quilters Day out 1

with Gen Q Mag at the City quilterThere will be a two-fer post on this one. Melanie shared more of her printed cloth. Swoon!
Melly and I spent a little bit of time on the B 750. We borrowed the #24 foot so that I could show Melly some of the features and let her quilt for a bit..
I have to say I was happy to find Generation Q Magazine at the City Quilter.
Sara Lawson is adorable and her daughter, just want to pinch her cheeks.

Melanie quilting full view
We drew a little bit of a crowd while – there was a class inside that came out to watch us for a few minutes. We enjoyed our time with them.
Melanie quilting on a B 750I did a little bit of this quilting and Melly did a little bit of this quilting. I’m not sure if you can see but Melly’s hands show clear signs of dyeing sessions.

A little later on we had tea and talked and talked!
And talked until it was time to go home.

Today is a full schedule including some planning for GenQ, two phone meetings and working at the quilt shop.

Happy Quilting!



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