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We All Sew

Congratulations to Winners #4 Doreen and #6 Ellen
Bobbin work with Aurifil Lino

I just learned last night that a blog/tutorial I wrote on bobbin work  for We All Sew was posted. I’ll tell you that we will see this one more time. I’m not sure when but we will see this quilted silk again.

This morning I’m going to continue working on a new quilt called “Chocolate Swirl”, a take on @play that I hope to offer as a class down the road. You all know of my love for Robert Kaufman’s Radiance, and for chocolate.
I took two larger sheets of drawing paper, carefully taped them together and started drawing. Thirty minutes into this I stopped drawing, cut the Radiance larger than what I’ll want it, used blue painters tape to hold it down on my cutting mat and drew the bones of the quilt.
I’m excited
Really Excited.
I have enough Chocolate Radiance for 2 or 3 more this size.
Sigh. such beauty.
Off to have breakfast with my sweetie then quilt.
have a great quilterly day,


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