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Two very important things

quilt market signThat sneak peek behind the quilting world scene has confirmed for me 2 things:


2) It’s important to me to support, encourage, build, be authentic and be community.

I got to attend 4 Schoolhouses along with doing what I could to help get the booth setup. C&T held one for Stitch & Swap, I attended one for Thomas Knauer’s book, one by Kathy Doughty and one for Generation Q (Jake Finch and Melissa Thompson Maher).  Note the who I got to  meet and greet will be another longer post.

What touched me deeply were the talks by Kathy Doughty and Jake Finch. In different ways these two very astute women gave the quilting world depth. Debby Brown has been clarifying that depth for me the last 2 years – Kathy and Jake confirmed Debby’s thoughts and deeply my own.  This world – the world of quilting is a vast community that needs to be grown and nurtured.
I’ll come back to this very soon. But for now I need to go to bed. Tomorrow will be a long day.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. “Out there” with ya, encouraging those who are hesitant…….”give it a try”…”you can do it”!!!!!!!!! Quilting=creating an art piece & leaving a legacy…….what could be more noble?????? Have fun for all of us!!!!!!!

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