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It’s hard to know what to write

jake laughs again
Jake Finch laughs

I can’t quite tell you how much I enjoy working with Jake, Melissa and the Gen Q crew. It’s a gift that I can’t quite describe. There were so many wonderful moments with the crew – though some key people were not able to come this time around. Tracy I hope you’re feeling better and Scott, next time dear, next time.

Spring Market gave me a different perspective on the industry; Fall Market solidified that perspective. Quilt Market is hard work. There is no way to get around it. In spite of being tired from prep and booth set up all of the vendors are just simply delightful.

Quilty people are amazing. Totally amazing. And they’re people. We ALL have our likes and dislikes when it comes to quilting and quilting people. We have natural affinities and that’s fine. One of the coolest things is that most people try really hard to get along and play nicely in the quilting world.

Quilty people are talented. We’ve known that for sure, but there’s something about Market that really brings that out.
Quilty people want to nurture other quilty people. We want to see them grow and find their way in the quilting world.
Quilty people are enthusiastic about what they do. The buzz on the floor is energizing.
Quilty people work HARD! Oh my goodness do they ever work hard.

And I’m saying quilty people because there are so many who go into driving this industry. Women and Men who work hard to bring us new products, step outside their comfort zone and open themselves to criticism and great joy. Women and Men who have a creative side, thinking inside and outside the box bringing us new technology, fabric, patterns and tools to make our quilting life easier.

Weirdly enough I’m kinda shy (I know, I know I don’t Look shy) about giving my business card to people and that’s a habit that will change! It’s not solely about me putting myself out there it’s about how I can help them. One of the funniest things that I thought during this trip, talk to me if you want to alert the media because . . . I’m part of the media as evidenced by the media ribbon attached to my badge that got me about everywhere. With that comes a responsibility to LOOK and SEE and actively observe. It also brings responsibility to be patient and gather info before telling the story of what I see. Because while a picture has 1000 words I often wonder which are the right words for that picture.

Quantum Leap for blog

There’s always more. More to see and hear and experience before telling the story.
The Quilt Market Story is gratitude and generosity, by far.

There will be more on the Gen Q blog soon!

Happy Quilting!



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