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B (ERNINA) not afraid

BERNINA 780 037“I’m afraid of my machine” is heard every now and again.
“I’m afraid I’m going to mess something up.”
“I’m afraid I’m going to. . . ”
While the possibility exists that damage can be done, it’s highly unlikely that we’re going to do major harm to the machine. And it’s highly unlikely that we’re going to do damage to ourselves either.

Just remember too with any new machine there is something of a getting to know you period. And each one of us has a slightly different way of learning. I’m one of those who just get in there and look around. One of the very best features on the 7 & 8 Series is the “?”…touch this and touch the screen for what information you need and information will come up.

I’ve seen some where I wish I’d snapped photos because it was kind of unbelievable. Like pins, 20 or so of those yellow headed quilting pins that were somehow shoved through one, or both, of the screw holes to the right of the needle.

On occasion hitting a pin can throw out the timing, this can happen on any machine, not only a BERNINA. Rule of thumb, remove pins before they get to the presser foot. If perfect piecing is essential to the quilt your making, just pause a stitch or two before the pin and remove it then.

However, the reality is that you really have to go some to do any serious damage to your BERNINA. These machines are made of sterner stuff. Even the screens are durable. While they need to be re-calibrated occasionally, unless the machine and the screen is cracked, it’s not a huge deal. There are descriptions for how to do this here and there, or have your tech walk you through this, if they can, over the phone.

It’s a great idea to make sure that the firmware is current. Visit the BERNINA site for your machine, look under the support tab for firmware version. Check your machine (I show you here for the B 710 and B 750 and here for the B 780) Updating the firmware is generally something we can do at home with a USB stick. Keeping the firmware up to date is important for the life of the machine as it often adjust something important. Some firmware updates need to be done by the tech as they may necessitate some hardware (internal) adjustments, when in doubt check with your dealer.

All in all…don’t be afraid of your machine.
Instead, please be EXCITED about all of the things you can learn about your machine! It’s amazing! And

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