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JOURNEYWaking up at 4 a.m. because my face hurts from this silly summer cold I have is ridiculous. And I knew it was time to get up because my mind was thinking about the things I need to do. I have a book review to do for Generation Q Magazine that needs photographs to demo technique. What I’d like to do is take pics of a friend using the technique. I’ll bet I can make that happen pretty quickly here. Then there is the work for MSQC and this and that and I’m making pillows for my sister.

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One more round of stitching and this one is yours

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My word of the year is Journey. While I’ve been writing more on my other blog about the Journey of it all I thought I’d take a moment and write here. The journey of quilting is something akin to a quilter puddling thread onto a quilt top to see how it looks. We pull several yards off and let it fall where it may. It gives us a sense of how the color will look on our quilts with no straight line in sight. Bliss. Sometimes we think we’re not moving forward however in all reality we’re backtracking to create beautiful feathery designs. Sometimes we think we’re moving forward and out comes our friend the seam ripper. Something goes haywire and out have those must come. It’s a bang head here moment and while it feels frustrating there is often something beautiful that comes from it…better stitching, a better understanding of tension, better color choices, better needle selection.

The quilting journey is the life I love to lead. I love to see what happens when I thread up the machine and just go. Last week I made. I need to finish the directions and a couple of diagrams to go with it.

Next week the quilting Journey takes me to the Clamshell Quilt Guild; the following week the Warwick Valley Quilt Guild. I’m thrilled to bits that I get to talk about quilting and teach. Did I mention that I love to teach? Next weeks class is “Go with the Flow”. Yep. Hopefully I’ll remember to bring my camera and take pictures. I’m giggling already because it rarely happens that I take pictures during class.

I’m loving this quilting journey! I love that I get to quilt, teach, write, edit, buy fabric (as a job), be a BERNINA Ambassador and get to know so many amazing quilters. I love that I get to learn something from them and add their wisdom and experience to what I know/teach/do.

Happy Quilting!


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