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The best hot chocolate I ever made! or Did I ever tell you about my chocolate hangover?

coffee mugs 002Last winter was cold, and as such hot chocolate an occasional necessity. One particularly chilly evening I pulled out all of the chocolate stops. Demerara sugar, cocoa powder, left over dark chocolate (yes, I know, what the heck!), vanilla, milk, and some cream leftover from making some holiday dessert.
Into the sauce pan goes the sugar, cocoa and a bit of water to help the sugar to melt and prevent it from turning into caramel. Though that would be a great bit of fun. Once the mixture is hot, and thoroughly blended the milk and cream are slowly added, whisking the whole way to blend and froth. There’s nothing quite as decadent as a little bit of froth on the surface of the hot chocolate. If I’d just left it alone here the hot chocolate would be good, warming all the way through and quite pleasant. I found the leftover chocolate in the fridge, adding it in and whisking, whisking, whisking. Oh this is going to be good I thought. Oh so tasty.
chocolate 001For a little added something extra, as if the chocolate wasn’t enough, I added a wee bit of cayenne pepper, because yes, a little heat does a body good.
And then I drank the whole thing.
All of it.
Rich, thick, chocolaty goodness.
There wasn’t a drop left. I’m sure that some was left in the mug after I consumed it…not quite sure. Did I mention how tasty this particular mug of hot chocolate was?
The next day, wasn’t so great. I was grateful that I didn’t need to go to work. A lot of water was consumed, a few naps taken. By the end of the day I felt better. I won’t do that again, that’s for sure. Oh yes, I’ll drink hot chocolate, either not quite so much or not so rich.

Now, back to our regular quilting station,



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