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And then I read this

How Heather got her Hatness Back by Heather Costaras, aka Hat. It all started way back when I read a blog post Heather wrote claiming herself back. Heading back to that fun, vibrant, creative person she left behind as she tried to meet the expectations of others in her life.
It’s very possible that Tracy Mooney shared the original post on fb and when I read it well, you know I responded. I’ve been following Heather. I just love how she found her “self” as an artist. I love how she’s taken the risk to write, draw, paint, create poetry and publish her book. She. Published. Her. Book.

Heather’s artwork is fabulous as she depicts the events that happened, and how she chose to change. The pages are at first vibrant, then monotone as she gives into the “I need to conform to what others say I should be” kind of thinking, then vibrant once again as she finds, nurtures and grows her own self.
staten Island sunset 003What Hat shares in the pages, how she shares it. how she is discovering her self is the way my brain thinks about quilting. We are all unique. We are all drawn to quilt making for some reason or another. We all come to quilting making with a list of “shoulds”, the most prevalent is that a quilt “should” look like this, or a quilt “should” be that. The only thing a quilt “should be” is three layers, a top, batting, and a back. Beyond that, it’s up to you. There are so many techniques to discover, so much thread, so much fabric. Yes, the choices at moments can be overwhelming, however when we begin to choose the things we love our quilterly path will become clear. More than likely it will not be a straight line from here to there. Each quilt, fabric, quilt-maker, technique, sunset, sunrise, autumn leaf, winter snowfall, will become part of who we are, influence our quilt making. As we discover who we are as quilt makers and embrace that we will add to the world of quilt making. We will add our own unique voice. We will add that little something different that makes the whole of quilt making vibrant and real.


If you are a quilter who makes quilt tops and just love doing that, great! I know a lot of quilters who love quilting and find quilting tops for others life-giving.
If you are that quilter who loves paper-piecing. Well then paper-piece to your heart’s content.
If you’re the quilter who loves hand stitching bindings to your quilts! Great, let me know I’m happy to hire you because…machine stitching them down makes me giddy.
If you’re the quilter who really enjoys making art, great, go for it. I enjoy your work. You inspire me.
If you’re the quilter who is a leader in our industry, thank you!
If you’re the quilter who finds great joy in…
Keep finding joy in your quilt making.
Please be fully advised that finding the joy also means there will be struggles along the way, because that’s where the joy comes from.

Now, please, go enjoy How Heather got her Hatness Back. Buy it.

And I once wrote on a quilt I made for a friend, “Journaling is a journey to the Heart”, “Quilt Making is a Journey of Heart/Art”

Happy Quilting!


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