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Color Mixer & Color Club

Quilter’s Color Mixer

Thursday, March 30th at 9 am Pacific (or watch recorded)

  • Do you find yourself…
  • Stuck trying to figure out which colors and fabrics to use in your next quilt project?
  • Wondering how to use fabrics in your stash that you love but can’t seem to figure out how to use in a quilt?
  • Intimidated by using prints in your quilts?
  • Relying on kit quilts for a successful project?

You’ll unlock the answers and more during Creative Spark’s LIVE Color Mixer!

Join 12 expert quilting instructors for a vibrant multi-class event on the most powerful (and intimidating) tool in the quilter’s toolkit: color.

Starting with a keynote with color master, designer, and author, Jean Wells, you’ll explore simple color vocabulary, actionable techniques, and begin to assess your own journey as an artist.

Then you’ll gain access to join 12 40-minute workshops to learn color theory, the history of color in art, creating custom color palettes, stash-busting piecing tips, explore ombré quilt designs, master designing with prints, and more. The instructors’ approaches to color simplifies all things color into mindful practices that you can apply right away.

Guided by real-world examples, you’ll learn how to:

  • Master value, hue, and contrast
  • Emphasize feelings, portray ideas, and influence style with color
  • Create your own custom palette with a focus on using what you already have in your sewing room
  • Apply quick cutting techniques
  • Add eye rest to your quilts when you feel that they are spinning out of control
  • The coolest way to dig into thread color & weight, and what it can do for us is to stitch to our heart’s content
  • Work improvisationally with color

This actionable and insightful four-hour event is designed for every quilter who’s ever felt intimidated by using or talking about color. Follow along to conquer your fear, transform the way you work, and unlock your ability to tackle color with confidence and nuance!

Let’s talk extras…

  • Get 8 hours of instruction in 4 hours with the magic of technology!
  • You’ll get lifetime access to the event after it wraps for your viewing pleasure
  • During the live event, you’ll be entered to win a HUGE giveaway
  • Get a virtual swag bag when you attend live

For more information and to save $20 on the event follow my link Quilter’s Color Mixer.

Join me to talk about thread, my favorite color tools and let’s have some coloring fun.

Heather Valentine The Sewing Loft

Color Club

Oh how I love thee let me count the ways. Or permit me to say this in a different way: I NEED this line. Oh do I ever need it.

Take a moment head over to the Windham Website and take a look at this delightful line. Heather named the prints Birdies, Positivity, Gridlock, Waves, & Little Villages and incorporates persimmon. You do know I love orange, orangey reds, red oranges, yada yada. (This further reveals my deep and abiding love for all things autumn. And the brown is Coffee, need I say more? Need I? I mean, coffee.

And this line doesn’t ship until July so check in with your local shop to see if they’ve ordered and if you can preorder all the things you want from this collection. (Hint: all of it)

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