I get to quilt today

I always find it a good day when I get to spend time in the sewing room piecing or quilting. Today is one of those days and I get bonus time as my dmil decided to stay home and I do not have to make dinner tonight! Yahoo! Dh and I are going out for dinner with another couple. So watch out sewing room here I come.

I finished piecing one of the two quilt tops for the guild. The other should be finished later today. I’m going to go to my lqs (The Quilt Cottage) this morning to pick up batting. I never have enough on hand it seems. One other thing I would really like to do is get a quilt top backed & batted. The batting I have chosen for it is wool and I’m really excited about the possibility of hand quilting. I can hardly wait to get started. I’ve heard such amazing things about the wool batting. On my next trip to Wisconsin to visit my family I am going to stop at the Cedarburg Woolen Mill and buy some of theirs. As much as I’m grateful for the bigger companies that can offer lower prices I like to support the little companies as well.

The other day at the coffee shop I sat & quilted trying to become somewhat familiar with the new hand quilting method. I think if I wasn’t quilting curves it would have gone a bit better, but hey, we all have to start some where.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. I have a whole cloth that I wnt to start soon and I have woolbatting set aside for this project. Can’t wait to try it. Glad you got to sew away a day.


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