Blog Tour: Tie One On by Scott Hansen, Banyan Batiks

Scott Hansen. Dang this guy is wildly talented, eclectic, with an eye for design. In my world talent means a lot of hard work, choosing a path all your own, making the things you seen in your head come to life in actual quilts. This line, Tie One On (Banyan Batiks, a division of Northcott… Continue reading Blog Tour: Tie One On by Scott Hansen, Banyan Batiks

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This Week in Three

This week I've been piecing a quilt top for a blog tour with Scott Hansen of Blue Nickel Studios and Banyan Batiks, which happens Saturday, September 22nd. I've interviewed Scott, asking him all the weird and wonderful questions that befit a couple of Generation Q Magazine editors. There will be an opportunity to win a… Continue reading This Week in Three

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An Interview with Alex Anderson

Often the work we do is a gift, in part for the work, in part for the people we meet along the way. People who set the tone of engaging quilters to explore the work they do, showing us options for that exploring. As a quilter, like all of us, she leads by example in… Continue reading An Interview with Alex Anderson


An Opportunity to offer some input

There are times when we'd all like to offer input.  My friend Jill is on a mission to do 500 very brief interviews to learn about the things that make doing something nice for people you care about a pain in the butt (sometimes). She’s not selling anything and is looking to talk to men and… Continue reading An Opportunity to offer some input


Linking Invitation

Someone mentioned that several of the links in my blogroll are out of date. So I took some time and cleaned them up. Quilters move on, life happens we stop blogging for a variety of reasons. Here's the invitation: Let's do a link exchange: link to my blog from your blog/website, comment with your blog… Continue reading Linking Invitation

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Did you see this?

  An Interview with Gailen Runge https://www.instagram.com/p/Bm326wYjmYD/?taken-by=terilucas Attending Quilt Market Why I am https://www.instagram.com/p/BmgvNCTjHiJ/?taken-by=terilucas From a Retreat to You https://www.instagram.com/p/BlSsJRujj98/?taken-by=terilucas On Second Chances https://www.instagram.com/p/Bk5VzjWDfnw/?taken-by=terilucas Happy Stitching, Teri  

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An Interview with: Gailen Runge

Interviewing quilters and authors is one of my favorite things. One of the best things I learned with Generation Q Magazine is to have fun as the person is more than the book they are publishing. The book, Sew Emoji, is due out in September and I'll be getting two copies, one to keep and… Continue reading An Interview with: Gailen Runge