Movie Review – Bella

It is a rare movie that really speaks so beautifully to truth and beauty. Bella is one of those movies. As the movie goes from scene to scene the viewer is left wondering what happened and it’s not until the last few moments of the movie does the whole thing come to light.

Not being a cry-er by nature there were several moments in this movie where I cried. Even now upon reflection this is one movie that gets the viewer thinking about so much and how events can unfold in our lives in such a way that sometimes we’re in the right place, in the right time for the right purpose. When the movie ended we sat through the entire credits, a rare thing. And I said to dh that when this comes out on dvd we will purchase this movie. It is one that spending money on will be well worth it and hopefully encourage more producers to make more movies like this that are just well. . . more.

Dh and I went with one of the CFR Friars. The crew and actors who filmed this movie stayed in one of the Friaries and two of them appear for about 3 seconds in the movie. The Friar we went with last night shared some beautiful experiences that the crew had while staying with the friars and filming in NY.

A rare thing this movie only cost 3 million to make, took 24 days to film and they had good weather throughout the entire filming.

If Bella is anywhere near you I would encourage anyone to go see it. And you might even be able to see it and not spend money. There are a few groups purchasing tickets and allowing people to see it without paying! Free is always a good thing. I would pay to see this movie again.

Happy Monday!


PS there is more I want to share about the weekend but that will wait for later. =-)

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