Gray Hair

It happens to all of us. Hair changes. For some unknown reason the follicle stops producing color and the hair changes from whatever color to white, silver, or gray. For most folks this happens in our 30’s & 40’s and later. For a few the hair changes as early as their late teens early 20’s. I can’t even begin to imagine! I must add here that I love Heloise‘s hair. She went gray very early in life and decided not to color hers!

I started noticing changes about 7 years ago on a trip to Los Angeles. One white hair sticking out amongst the brown hair. For some odd reason I was excited. “This is way too cool!”, I thought. My hair isn’t going gray in the gray color scale it’s going white. A family trait – my dad’s hair went white and my 92 year old gramma’s hair is white, it’s so beautiful.

When I was in my early 20’s I tried messing with my hair color, I would add a bit of peroxide to my shampoo or put “Sun In” while I was outside. I was blond for a while but it looked weird against the brown hair. Going blond was fine, but it just wasn’t me. I decided at some point that coloring my hair just wasn’t for me.

Another thing that is happening is that for some reason, known only to the Creator of the Universe, my hair is also getting wavier. This I like. It means that once I wash my hair in the morning & brush it, I’m pretty well set for the day. Well, I might put in the pony tail, or barrette or a combination of the two once my hair is dry. I’ve found that if I add these particular features before my hair is dry my hair goes all weird, straight to my shoulders and then the rest is wavy.

So when I started writing this, there was a point, something I wanted to share, an experience that set me to thinking about my graying hair. Last week dh and I went with Br. Max and Lisa to a Brew Pub in Norwalk. Since Lisa knew where we were going I had her sit with dh in the front and I sat with Br. Max in the back. As we drove Br. Max pointed out that one of my gray hair was sticking out at some odd angle (as only an errant gray hair can do) and he wanted to pull it out. Pull it out? Not! I like my gray hair. My reply to Br. Max went something like this, “You can pull it out as long as you plan to keep it. If you aren’t going to keep the gray hair then there’s no point in pulling it out.” He was this much | | surprised and asked me why. Silly guy. I proceeded to explain to him that I’m not in the least bothered by my gray hair. If it doesn’t bother me then it shouldn’t bother him. It’s on my head, not his. Brother dropped the subject, realizing that he couldn’t win.

Oh by the way this brew pub has the best mimosa’s I’ve had anywhere. And I learned that by using cranberry juice instead of orange juice you get a pointsettia. That I will try the next time I have brunch there! Sounded kind of intriguing and I like cranberry juice.

Dh has a lock of my hair somewhere in or on his dresser. I find it every once in a while. When he clipped that lock my hair, I must have been about 20, it was well past my waist in length. Someday it will be that long again. Though I can’t imagine having the patience to grow it out that long again. We’ll see.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Teri,

    Hair always turns white. It just looks gray up against the rest of a head of hair. Also Gray hair has more than 20 extra layesrs that a regular piece of hair doesn’t have. That is why they love to stick out. I use to know the information by heart when I needed it to pass the boards but that was a long time ago. Enjoy your white hairs I think they look great on you.


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