What’s on my bed?

I know, I know – camera happy right. I’m hoping that this will last a long time. The photo thing that is. So I’m posting what’s on my bed. It’s my favorite quilt. Enjoy!

This morning when I went for coffee I asked my dmil if she wanted a cup. She said yes so I brought the pot down to her. As I headed up the stairs, after pouring the cup, I made a few giggly jokes about coffee. Can I remember them now? No! However, I did say to dmil “I’m like this all the time, aren’t I?” Making goofy jokes and kinda happy, even after getting out of bed about 5 minutes earlier. I’m probably one of those folks that we’d all like to just smack in the morning. Oh well. Here I am world what’s on the menu for today?

Happy Quilting!

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