Blog Contest at post #68

gratuitous quilt picture

There are a lot of bloggers who have a contest when they get to their 100th post. I’m impatient and I’m not going to wait that long, although it could be fun to see how long it takes me to get to 100 posts. This one here is post number 62. When I post #68 I’ll have a contest and the winner will get one of my totes, either a purse or a small (12x12x3) tote bag, their choice of fabric.

We had a great guild meeting last night. A few folks from the local doll guild showed up to help a member demonstrate those lovely bra purses that are cropping up to help raise money for breast cancer awareness. Apparently at the event last year they raised enough funding to help three women get special prostheses after mastectomy’s. For more information, go here.

So now the planning begins for our annual trip to Lancaster for the Quilters Heritage Celebration. I’m a little bummed as I’m not going. It’s the first time since I joined the guild that I’m not going. For those of you who I will miss seeing, there’s always next year. I do have a good reason though. I’m heading north and east to visit with family and it will be right around the same time of the anniversary of my dad’s passing. A good time to go.

So now, I have another quilt to get finished by April. I’ve been playing around with a quilt for my gramma who will be 92 this year. I had the grand idea of photos but I think I’m heading in a different direction because I want to give this to her so she can enjoy it now rather than never. So off my butt and get going girl.

Happy quilting!

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