DM’s Quilt and my cat

About 9 years ago the Circus came to live at my house.  We got 2 cats from a local animal shelter and after spending a bit of time with them we chose the names Barnum & Bailey.  Well, Bailey’s a poser…I had my camera out the other day to show dh something and look at what Bailey did for me.

this was the first attempt filling in this lovely space, somehow it just seemed emptier that I wanted

so I filled it in with some extra quilting in a very contrasting color…this filled in the space nicely for me and I’m a much happier quilter

After watching a Sharon Schamber video and then seeing Ricky Tims at the Super Seminar in April I decided to give free motion feathers a bit of a go and each time I get better at it.  One thing that helped so much is Alex Anderson explanation of drafting feathers on her vidblog on thequiltshow.com

Mary Anne Ciccotelli showed a few of us at guild this style of quilting to fill in space and add some motion to the quilt surface.  I’m so glad she did as it covers lots of space can be big or small depending on the quilt!  There’s a link to her site on the side bar…she’s just done a major re-do of her sewing studio that is just amazing.  One added feature is her “new” lime green clock.  Mary Anne has a great explanation of how she made the clock on her site.  Thanks Mary Anne!

Happy Quilting!


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  1. Thanks for the plug about the “LIME GREEN” clock. I guess it will have to stay now. Love the quilting. Can’t wait to get back to doing some of my quilting.

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