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A new blog to visit and a little show & tell

My friend Renee sent a note tonight that she’s joining the amazing world of blogging.  Give her a visit here.  She’s quite the talented quilter and sweet to boot.

On the last post I have photos of fabric I bought at Mardens.  The green and coral/pink chrysanthemum will soon have a new home in the form of a “MJ’s Knitters Tote”!  The fabric has been quilted, needs to be cut and pieced and will go back to Maine.  That’s one weird trip I tell you.  I’m excited to be making the tote.

I’ve been sorta quiet on the blog front, well on many fronts lately.  Partly I’ve been working on the binding for the grandmothers flower garden quilt.  Partly MJ asked me to make a quilt for her and the “Big Idea” is to do a good deal of trapunto to highlight her embroidery and to really have some fun quilting.  Now, I’ve never done any trapunto.  I tried after watching Karen McTavish on Simply Quilts a long time ago, but, I tried this when I was really sick.  Being really sick and trying a new quilting technique is not a good thing.  Ugh!

I know the basics water soluble thread, tons of batting, more batting, lots of quilting thread, a great pair of scissors and voila trapunto.  Here are a few pictures:

The back of trapunto is supposed to look as good as the front.  I think I have a bit to go yet, however overall I like it.  Part of the Issue here, for me, is that the blue segment on this side kept creeping up to the front where it met the cream section of the cream, medium pink and dark pink.

I do like the feel of the piece.  With the wool batting it’s soft even though there’s a lot of quilting.  Two things I’m doing for MJ’s quilt 1) getting more thread, when I bought thread with her I thought man I’m going over board here and now I don’t think so; 2) getting wool batting (after I find out if she’s allergic to wool or not) I think it will add so much to her quilt.

The next piece is a practice piece.  I’m using MJ’s embroidery pattern to get a real feel for what her quilt will look like and the karen combs fabric adds a lot of texture and interest to the trapunto.  When I first started quilting the single block this morning I wasn’t so sure about it, now I love it.  The nine patch will be a baby quilt or something I’m not sure yet.

While I was quilting I thought I was running into trouble, a bubble formed right in the middle of the first arc’d area I was working in.  At first I wanted to scream as I thought I’d done something wrong however something told me to just keep plodding along and it worked out fine.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. The trapunto looks great. I have a wool bat that I am going to try out. I am allergic to wool so I will probably have to were glove while working with it. I think that once I get it sandwiched, quilted and bound I will be fine with it. Especially since I am planning on using it on a wallhanding.

    Keep up the good work!

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