Autumn is just around the corner

and this autumn seems busier than ever. 

There are quilt show preparations and we’re into detail time now.  Photos need to be printed.  Welcome letter written.  Quilting finished.  Meetings prepared for and attended.  We’re working with several deadlines now too!  Later this week we have our final walk through.  There is a mixed sense of excitement and anxiety all rolled into one.

Today is filled with preparation for tomorrow and next week.  I’m actually going for an interview and in thinking about how to best show the variety of quilting skills I’m bringing a portfolio of sorts with me that will include several quilts I’m currently working on featuring both hand and machine work.  So today that means finishing the piecing on the challenge quilt for the guild…this particular piece means a lot as it’s made of my dads ties and it’s one of my favorite blocks…the feathered star.

Autumn also means anniversary time.  Dh and I will celebrate 16 years next week.  I’m excited, 16 years with the man I love is priceless.  Sigh.

Autumn was one of dads favorite times of the year…the radiant color of the leaves and the opportunity to go “donut picking” with his kids and grand kids.  Although I didn’t have the opportunity to go with them, dad always sent pictures so I was part of the fun anyway.

I’m off to the sewing room before I have to dash out and run errands later today!

Happy Quilting!

1 thought on “Autumn is just around the corner”

  1. I just love coming to rest here. Your photos are so wonderful. Thanks for sharing them.
    Although, from what you said, busier than ever seems to take on a whole new meaning right now.
    You will have to explain “donut picking” to me. Sounds like a fun tradition.
    Congratulations to you and your DH! May you have many more, happy years together.

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