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The Quilt Show

To each member of the Village Squares (in particular each one of the committee members), Pelham Quilters, husbands, friends, my sisters and boy scouts who worked so hard to make this quilt show a success, “THANK YOU!!!”


Anne & Mary Anne hang quilts.

Set up on Friday went right down to the wire.  Each person worked so diligently from Quilt Registration, to room set up, quilt hanging, café and so much more.  I’m really amazed that we finished set up right at 8 PM.  I felt bad for my sister – she traveled all day (left at 7 in the morning), arrived here, got in my car, we worked setting up the show and didn’t get back to my house until 11!  Oh man!  That was rough.


Jacqui showing a quilt…this is a friends chair in various living room decor settings.  The border has Tiffany style lamps all around!

Susan & I learned from our vendor chair that one of our vendors wasn’t able to come due to illness and a replacement was able to make it!  Whew.


Several members brought quilt magazines for anyone to take.  Once the show was over they were all gone!  I’m amazed, I thought we’d be taking some home!

Saturday the show opened to rain.  However the quilters who came through were troopers and many stayed for several vendor demonstrations!  From what I’ve heard from various people who attended the demo’s the crowds were at about 20 for each vendor.  My other sister’s plane arrived early despite the heavier rain.


Renee won her first ribbon (first place) in a show.  Congratulations Renee!  Her quilt (the very bright one on the left side of the photo) “Dazzling Geese” is so beautiful in person.

Sunday dawned bright and cheery, the crowds coming through reflected the joy of the day.  Karen Eckmeier and Anita Solomon both came through the show toward the end of the day.

I can’t forget each one of the Vendors: Artgirlz, Basics and Beyond, Fabric and Other Arts, Fabric Mart, Sue’s Fabric World, The Quilt Shop and Patchwork Art.


this is a pile of quilts that are ready to be taken down the hall and for hanging.

Quilt Take Down & Return went so well!  We were finished returning quilts and clearing the room and we left by 5:30.  Susan & I have the best committee…while there were a few glitches over the course of the weekend all went well.  The list of ribbon winners is here.

After everything thing was over my husband, sisters, friend Mary and I went to Spiga for an amazing dinner celebration.  I turn 40 next week and have been so excited about what comes next.


I started working at Hartsdale Fabrics in the quilt shop the week of the show.  Whew!  I’m enjoying working with all of the ladies who work in the shop as well as being surrounded by all of that fabric!  More on that another time.

Happy Quilting!


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