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Learning and drafting

Learning – a few weeks ago a Renee asked if I could fix a photo for her.  She knows I have PhotoShop, that I’ve been playing with pictures and learning what I can do with PhotoShop.  The picture is old, at least 45 years and had a huge crease running through it.  I learned that by selecting certain areas and using the spot healing tool and zooming way in I can make huge changes.  It does look a lot better however I want to play a bit more.

batiks-and-thread-with-bagThis photo is of my 40th birthday gift from my sisters.  The thread is MasterPiece by Superior Threads, the Batiks are all purples, oranges, yellows and reds and the bag is a batik and is meant for re-gifting!  There’s a website you can go to and log the identity of the bag and see where it goes.

gift-bag-with-batik-fabricsThe fabric looks a little flat here but I assure you the colors are bright!  When I opened all of these up I was inspired to make a quilt.  So all day yesterday I worked on drafting a full scale pattern of this quilt.  The center portion will be an 8 pointed star.

red-orange-batik-with-big-sun-type-circlesThen I’m fussy cutting the circles and circle shapes in this fabric and setting them in here and there.  I spent a few hours taping paper together then drafting the 8 pointed star.  It’s not going to be a typical 8 pointed star.  Oh no!  I can’t be typical with this quilt.

Roughing it out at the moment the finished quilt will be about 72 x 72.  We’ll see how the whole thing works out!

Happy Quilting!


2 thoughts on “Learning and drafting”

  1. Teri you did a wonderful job. The photo you fixed was essential to my SIL’s xmas present as it is her with her brother.. her Confirmation and his HS graduation, both on the same day.. yes at least 50 years ago! You did such a wonderful job fixing the crease, I am thinking I must put Photoshop on my wish list for Santa this year!

    Happy B’Day… I love the batiks… and if you want to re-gift, I will be more than happy to receive the bag :-))!

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