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Working in a quilt shop

I started two weeks ago at one of the local fabric shops in their quilt department.  I’m enjoying the whole learning process.  We get to cover home dec as well so I’m learning a lot.

My favorite job so far – sorting the wall of Kona Cotton Solids.  I’m not kidding this is my favorite job.  The back wall, that you see as you’re coming down the stairs, has 10 cubbies of these beautiful solids ranging from my very favorite the Kona Black to school bus orange (I need some of this one for a purple & orange quilt I have to do some day).  New bolts of Kona arrived yesterday so we spent part of the day putting them up on the shelves.  I’m not sure if the shop mananger will be so pleased with my creative thinking putting the school bus and a few other bright oranges in the blue cubbie but things were getting tight.

Another favorite part is helping customers choose just the right fabric for their quilts.  Pulling a bolt off the shelf and watching their reaction is incredible, either it’s the right fabric, heading in the right direction or it’s not.  Which ever way it goes, the information is right there.

Home dec is the biggest challenge for me as my expertise is quilting.  There’s a lot to learn however if I don’t know the answer I can take their information and pass it on to the home dec folks.

This is one of the fabrics my sisters gave me…yummy!


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